Survey says, 56% of men are interested in being “spiritually” mentored.

11 12 2014

logo 2-1Our recent ONE QUESTION survey in conjunction with Iron Sharpens Iron asked this question of men across the USA:
Do you presently have a spiritual mentor? For the purpose of this survey, we will define a spiritual mentor as a more mature Christian man who intentionally meets with you one on one at least once every month with an intentional plan to encourage and equip you to follow Christ. Of the over 1000 who responded, 56% indicated that they were interested in being “spiritually” mentored. But more concerning is that 33% have never had this opportunity but would desire it. What does this say about the priority of your ministry to men? Are you working to meet the desire of at least 50% of the men in your congregation? Or, who are the men in your own life that are waiting for someone like you to come alongside and help them with the same journey you are on? Being a “spiritual” mentor is not “rocket science”. it just takes a willingness to intentionally help your brother follow Jesus.

NMWC would love to help men and churches strategically develop mentors that will be available to the next generation of spiritually hungry Christ followers. Lets talk about this and answer the plea of thousands of men all around us.


Building Men of God Series – a look at the prominent mentoring relationships in the Bible. Free download.



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