Our Story

After years of working with Christian men and their leaders, NW Men’s Coalition was officially incorporated in 2012 as a regional, nonprofit ministry. Its purpose was to provide churches in NW Oregon and SW Washington with resources to support local church men’s ministries. These resources included conferences, consultation, teaching, and training. Through its affiliation with Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI), a national men’s conference equipping ministry, it hosted its first ISI men’s conference in Vancouver, WA. in 2012. The purpose of the conference was to equip men to become more like Christ.

Following the third ISI conference in Portland, OR. in 2014, the NWMC directors met to evaluate the impact on the men who attended these events. It was concluded that while being a helpful resource to them in a variety of practical ways, presumably to make them more like Christ, they did little or nothing to help men actually know Jesus. This was confirmed through a prophetic word heard indirectly by the NWMC director, “The men coming to your conferences do not know Jesus any better when they leave than when they came.” That was the critical issue. Men were told that they could become more like Jesus, but they were not helped in really knowing Him. As with Paul, the utmost desire of his life was just “to know Him…” (Phil. 3:10). That is what NWMC realized men need most.   

With this in mind, the focus of NWMC was subsequently changed from an event ministry to a relational, conversational opportunity for men to grow in their knowledge of Jesus. This is not getting to know about Him but knowing how He lives in us according to Col.1:27. Our efforts are not in striving to become like Jesus, but to realize how He is our life (Col.3:3,4). This answers the whole question of personal identity of who or what we are. We are the flesh of Christ, who lives in us, as us (Gal.2:20).

Since that turning point in 2015, NWMC has gone on to engage dozens of men – and now their wives – in the conversation of what it means to be living as Jesus. Through one to one or group conversations men and women are discovering who they really are as Jesus living in them. He is our life, but do we really know that? A wonderful transformation occurs when a believer comes to see that Jesus has been there all along and that their life is a manifestation of His glory (Col. 3:3,4).

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