What did Jesus die for?

28 03 2021

Most of us know that Easter is a time to feel grateful and humble as we remember the great sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. We are told that unless Jesus died we would have had no means of forgiveness from God. The teaching is Jesus died to satisfy the wrath of God against us as horrible sinners. 

But the truth of the gospel is Jesus did not die to appease God for our sins. As ludicrous as it may sound, God could have forgiven us just by saying, “I forgive you” because nothing is impossible for Him. The real reason Jesus died was for us. We were the ones that needed to die, not Jesus. We were the ones that needed to be rescued from the tyranny of a false self- story, the lie of accusation, the sin of thinking we could live separate from God. God loves us so much that He determined to reconcile us, to rescue us from the “hell” of living in the lie that we could never measure up to His expectation. This is the reason the Bible says we died with Christ, we were crucified, we were put to death with Him (Rom.6:6). We died in Jesus to the entrapment of our own self-centeredness, that we can make it if we try hard enough. Those chains have been broken! In Christ, we have arisen to the freedom of His self story, His story of freedom to be who we were intended to be. 

Jesus did not just die for our sins to make us acceptable to God. He died for us, as us, so that we could be free from the condemnation of the lie. God is not our judge. He is our rescuer. “You are now free to move about (your life)” *

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Also refer to “Was Jesus just a ‘saver’?”

Where is Jesus?

3 03 2021

If Jesus lives in us as us how can He also be in heaven? Col. 1:27

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S2 E2 God Where Are You?

8 02 2021


In this episode Dennis has a conversation via Zoom with his longtime friend Steve Fivecoat. (We apologize for the audio weakness). Steve retired some years ago from a career as a firefighter and talks about his feeling lonely sometimes when the crisis decisions where upon his shoulders. He wondered where God was but looks back and discovered that God was there all along. Steve wrote about his experiences in his book Rescue Me which can be found on Amazon. (Click on the title). It’s a very worthwhile and inspirational book. 

Steve continues to write about seeing God through his work and life on his Facebook page “Steve’s Stories” 

The author Norman Grubb can also be found on Amazon. The title Steve reffered to is God Unlimited


S2 E1 What Was Jesus’ Perspective?

14 01 2021


Welcome to the first episode of season 2 of The Jesus Conversation Podcast. In this episode we begin a series of reviewing the basic truths that give us the understanding of how Jesus lives as us. The scripture we focus on in this conversation is John 5:19. 

Begotten from God

19 12 2020

Jesus was “an only-begotten” (the literal Greek) from God, meaning that He was not born from human seed, His was directly from God (Jn.1:14). There was no one else in the world who could make that claim other than Adam. That is why Jesus is referred to as the Second Adam. He carried in His being the seed, the life and breath of God, the attribute of all living things, spiritual in essence, life aionion  (English-eionion), life of the ages.  

The first man, Adam, our ancestor, passed down to us the image and likeness of God stamped in our flesh. The basic characteristics of “Godness” are there, but something is missing. We do not have eionion life, the seed of God, because ours came from another human. Adam could not pass down the seed of God, the eionion life, because he had exchanged his for death, the lie of separation from God. He chose to agree with the serpent creature rather than His Creator, the source of his life.  

Jesus is the only one who can impart the seed of God to us. He is the only “life giving spirit’, the source of eionion life. When we receive Jesus, literally obtain, or lay hold of Him as our life, we also receive His seed, the seed of the Father (Jn 1:12). His seed gives us the “knowing” that we are children of God, just like human seed allows us to know our earthly fathers. We can rightfully claim God as our spiritual Father, the progenitor of our being. Simultaneously, God gets to have more sons and daughters. We too, like Jesus, carry the Father’s genes, His eionion life DNA.

This is what it means to be born again or literally, “begotten anew” (Jn. 3:7). Just like Jesus, we are also begotten, born from above, carrying in our flesh the God life, His Spirit. We carry in our spirits this same eionion life of God (Jn. 5:24; 6:40 ). It is God’s own energy in us.

This is why Jesus is the key to being truly alive (1 Jn. 5:11,12).We do not have life from above, life that lasts, without Him. He is the only One who has it. That is why without Him living in us we have no life. Our only life is Him. This is the Life that overcomes the world and the lie of the enemy. It sustains us, gives energy to our mortal bodies, defeats the sting of death, and establishes us as citizens of the heavenly realm. Merry Christ-life 


Knowing Jesus, a ministry of NWMC

The picture above is of course not Jesus but Rowan Alexander Knopp, my latest great grandchild. 

For more about living as Jesus you are welcome to join the conversation each Sunday morning. Request an invitation to the live Zoom meeting at dennis.deardorff@gmail.com or go to Dennis Deardorff – YouTube to watch the videos of past sessions.   You are also invited to listen to conversations about living as Jesus via our podcast,  “The Jesus Conversations”. You can find it here at  The Jesus Conversations Podcast Our latest podcast has just been released entitled “What is our Hope?”

S1 E15 What is our Hope?

18 12 2020


In this episode Dennis joins Scott for a discussion on Scott’s blog post entitled “The Hope of Glory”. Dennis has just returned from traveling and is supposed to be following a 14-day quarantine and Scott is lamenting that his gym has closed all due to Covid 19. The question is where do we find any hope of relief from this pandemic? Is it with our government leaders who only want to shut us down? 
The conversation touches on other questions such as, 
What does it mean to have hope in Christ, “the hope of glory”? 
What is glory?    
What is God’s ultimate plan? 

S1 E14 What has Changed?

13 11 2020


In the fall of 2017 four men from the NWMC Knowing Jesus organization spent a weekend together endeavoring to grasp the future of our ministry. With a new perspective of our union with Jesus what would happen in our lives and how would our  ministry change? In this episode these men reunite via a Zoom call three years later to share just what has happened since then. Hear them talk about their freedom in Jesus, understanding God’s love, what outreach to others really should focus on, and how the ministry has grown. 

Our mission hymn

6 11 2020

This is the song that fueled our passion to know Jesus.

Knowing You, Jesus, Graham Kendrick and Marantha Singers.

First heard at a Promise Keepers rally nearly 20 years ago.

True Evangelism

4 11 2020

True evangelism is not getting saved from our sins in order to go to heaven, its saving people from the false life, the independent self.

Its asking people to repent – not of sins but of the SIN-thinking that they are separate from God, that they have a life of their own.

SI E13 Jesus Coming Again?

10 10 2020


In this episode Dennis is talking once again to his friend David Fulton through Zoom. The recording starts with them talking about the interesting corollary of Jesus coming as Messiah to the Jews and His coming “again” to the church. The question is, however, is Jesus really coming again, or has He already come? What do we learn from Paul’s conversion encounter with Jesus as to the presence of Jesus in the church now? How was Paul’s understanding changed and how has our understanding been changed through asking the right questions and seeing the scriptures through a different lens? What role does the heart play in seeing the revelation of Jesus in us?

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