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12 05 2020

#5 “How do you see God in this crisis?”

Dennis and Scott begin this episode by following up on Scott’s latest blog post entitled, “Paying Our Dues “, but it quickly transitioned into the Scott’s question to Dennis, “How do you see God in this crisis?”. They discuss how we hear and see God in our current crisis depends on our world view of God, either we live separate from God or He lives in us.

We hope that again you are encouraged to see this current world crisis in a different light.

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Jesus Conversations

23 04 2020

“Dennis Interview”

In this edition of Knowing Jesus Conversations Scott Wakefield interviews Dennis Deardorff on how he has come to understand that Jesus is his life. You will hear Dennis talk about how his religious heritage kept him confused as to what is salvation, how the sin issue was resolved, and how he came to know that Jesus lives in Him. We hope that you listen to the whole conversation even if it may be contrary to what you have always been taught by your church. We hope this brief summary of Dennis’ journey will encourage your own pursuit of knowing Jesus lives as you.  

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Lest We Forget

28 03 2020

Here is a guest post by one of our coalition brothers – Scott Wakefield. Great encouragement.

Knowing Jesus lives as Me

27 03 2020

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, 2 Cor. 5:21

..and gave Himself up for me. Gal. 2:20

..who gave Himself for us, ….to purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Titus 2:14

Our traditional perspective on salvation is Jesus was the one who stepped in to pay for my sin debt. He took my place as a nice friend who loved me so much that He laid down His life in my place. He paid the price with His life so that I could go free.

It is true I could not have done this by myself because I was neither qualified nor capable whereas Jesus was both. But the idea He took my place leaves me in an odd position. What should I do now? Do I live forever as a debtor, trying to be grateful to Jesus because I owe Him so much? Or, do I live like a slave trying to obey my new master who bought me from my old owner? Furthermore, now that I am free, am I capable of staying free? How does that leave me to live on my own? Because my debt has been paid does that make me a better person? If I was not capable of living righteously before my debt was paid, what is to say that I can after? Oh, yes, the Spirit is there to help me do what I should, but that still makes me feel like I have to perform to live up to God’s expectation. And, what happens if I start acting like I did before? Do I lose my freedom and have to start all over?

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Knowing Jesus Conversations

14 03 2020

“Living as Jesus”

Dennis and Scott Wakefield discuss Scott’s latest blog post “Fingerprints upon an Failed System” and why Christianity has not helped us understand the truth of Christ living as us. What is hindering us from actually believing and living out the truth of Gal. 2:20 and Jn. 14:20?

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How do you pray – knowing Jesus as us?

23 02 2020

Growing in the knowledge that we are sharing our life with Christ changes our view of many spiritual practices. One of the chief practices is prayer. For the Christian prayer has traditionally been the means to become more aware of God’s presence and to seek answers or provision. It sees God as the benevolent Father, and we are to approach Him with faith, believing that He will give us what we ask.

But now that we see ourselves as in and one with Jesus and all in the Father (Jn 14:20;17:11) we realize we do not approach Him this way. That previous belief held that He was apart from us, He in heaven, and we on the earth. We would hear His Word from outside of ourselves. Now, knowing we are in Jesus, and He in us, we hear His Word deep within our hearts or spirits. We commune with Him with an inner certainty that what we hear or see is coming from His heart and mind. We share our minds and hearts with Him, so what comes from us is actually coming from Him. This is amazing, but before we entertain all the questions this fact raises in our minds, let’s look at Jesus as the prime example of this dynamic.

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Knowing Jesus Conversations

16 02 2020

“Why I Am Sure of Who I Am”

Dennis and Scott sit down again to further discuss his journey in discovering who he is. This discussion is based on one of his recent blogposts entitled “The Sum of My Own Measure” . Listen in as they unpack about how Scott has become more certain of his identity in and as Jesus. (Click on the podcast title).

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