My Peace

25 08 2021

Among our network of men and women, I find the conversation these days inevitably ends up on how to cope with the stressful time we live in. Just when we thought Covid was under control, a new set of problems have sprung up, like whether to vax or not, new virus variants, and economic disruption. There is much to be anxious about. We could all use a little extra peace, but where and how do we find it?

As Jesus was about to depart from His disciples, He said, Peace I am leaving with you. It was not just any peace He was leaving, but My peace, I am giving to you (Jn. 14:27 CLNT*). Jesus does not give us some peace, but His own peace. What He gives us is nothing other than Himself. Peace is not a state or condition, it is the character of Jesus Himself. If you feel truly at peace, it is evidence of Jesus in you.

The dictionary defines peace as the absence of hostility and violence, freedom from disturbance. But, where in this world does such a thing exist? If a civilization or government in the world says it can offer such a thing, it’s a lie. There is only one true peace – it’s the One who has overcome the world and lives in perfect tranquility (Jn.16:33). “My peace” is a man who exists without fear, worry or pressure from any circumstance or environment. This is the man Christ Jesus. 

Jesus said earlier in this same passage, I shall be asking the Father, and He will be giving you another consoler. Not a counselor, as the English puts it, but a comforter or entreater (literally: called alongside). The word “another” establishes the disciples already had been with someone who was a consoler for their times of trouble. Now they would have another person who would not only be remaining with [them] [but] will also be in [them] (14:16,17 CLNT emphasis mine). This was none other than Jesus, because the Father would send Him again out from Himself, and this time in spirit form to dwell in them (14:26; 15:26). By living in their hearts, they would live in complete unity with He and the Father and could easily remember and express His teaching and character (14:20; 16:13-15). 

This is the peace Paul said is beyond understanding. It is the person of Jesus living in us as the divine mystery guarding our hearts against panic, fear, or disturbance (Col. 1:27; Phil. 4:7). Come to know “My peace” residing in your heart. Come to Him with your petitions and speak thanks for His abiding tranquility. He is there, waiting to be called on. Let the Man of peace reign in your life.

*CLNT =Concordant Literal New Testament, Concordant Publishing Concern, 1983. 

My Friend Luis

2 08 2021

This is one of the most profound stories I have ever listened to. I promise, you will be inspired as you listen to this podcast series.

My Friend Luis – with Wayne Jacobsen

By His Grace

15 07 2021

Listen to Dennis as he interviews his long-time friend Drifter in this podcast, S2 E7 “By His Grace”.

For copies of the material or links to the videos mentioned, email Dennis at

Father level knowing

19 06 2021

I am writing to you, fathers, seeing that you know Him Who is from the beginning (1 Jn. 2:13 CLNT).

In John’s first epistle, he addresses three levels of spiritual revelation in the believers to whom he is writing. First, there are those who know they are forgiven for their sins through the cross of Jesus. Like children, they have an elemental understanding of their place in God’s love.  Second, there are those who are characterized by their confidence in the victory of the cross.  These sons of God understand the Word of God, Jesus, lives in them and conquer all accusations. Third, John says he writes to those who have a knowing of God that goes beyond all earthly knowledge. He calls these believers “fathers” not because they are biological men with children, or even spiritual leaders (although they may be), but because they are people who have come to know God deeply.

The word know in the original Greek has more than one meaning. One type of knowing is achieving knowledge through belief in basic ideas or facts. The other meaning is a knowing derived through sexual intimacy. For example, the Bible says Joseph knew her not, in other words, he refrained from having sexual intercourse with Mary after learning she was pregnant (Matt.1:25). This type of knowing is what John refers to when he says fathers know God who is from the beginning. It is a heart knowledge, not of the mind. He used the same word and meaning in his larger gospel to distinguish how Jesus knew the heavenly Father. As Jesus spoke to the Jewish leaders, He said, You know Him not, but I know Him (Jn. 8:55 NKJV). The Jews had extensive head knowledge of God, but few knew Him from the heart as Jesus did. 

This level of knowing God is not something you strive for or work at achieving. It comes when our hearts are open and accepting of all God says. Like the marriage union, it is the result of two people joining their lives in “one flesh”. With God, however, it is the result of being joined in one spirit with Him. It is a heart knowing born of the spirit. John calls it father level knowing because it is so profoundly deep and intimate. He describes it as knowing Father God as the One who is the source and progenitor of all things that exist. As Paul says, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all (Eph. 4:6). This is how God wants to be known. He is the One from whom every kindred in heaven and earth is named (Eph. 3:15 CLNT). 

Knowing God in this way is the awareness that you are not simply a child, dependent on Him for the things in life, or a son, able to win life’s battles, you are His partner in bringing life to every circumstance. As the heavenly Father speaks and brings things into being from nothing, you are His agent, speaking hope, life, and encouragement into all things. You are acting like a father, imparting the word of faith as the Seed (Jesus) into the empty spaces to produce life and light. This is the role the Father desires to share with you if you know Him and yourself in this way. 

As we grow up in Jesus, we begin with knowing that we are God’s children. His spirit connects with our spirits, and instinctively we call Him “daddy” (Rom. 8:16). As we continue to grow in our knowing of Jesus, we soon understand we are actually living as Him. We move from being spiritual dependents to being overcomers through His Word that lives in our hearts. Ultimately, our knowing of Jesus brings us to a place where we know the Father, just as Jesus does. We come to know that Jesus lives in the Father, and we live in Jesus, and He in us (Jn. 14:20). Believing we are living as one with Jesus and the Father is father level knowing and age abiding life (Jn. 17:3,21). 

Dennis D 61821

CLNT – Concordant Literal New Testament 

Our Living Memorial

28 05 2021

Our living memorial, remembering the One who died to set us free. 

John 14:20 “In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” (CLT)

The most precious freedom we have comes out of the realization that we live inside of Jesus. Jesus said, “In that day you will know…” This is the life that the Father intends for us to live, and it is there awaiting us to know by revelation through faith. Will we say, “Yes, Jesus is my life, I live inside of Him”? 

Once we make that agreement, a new consciousness begins to unfold in our being. We realize that all our problems and shortcomings have been swallowed up in Him because He agreed to become us before dying on the cross. As we look back at the cross, you come to understand that all our mistakes and offenses were laid in the grave, now buried, and gone. No accusation can ever hold us back from now being free. There is no longer any sense of “falling short” of God. We are “complete, perfect in Him” as He and us walk in resurrection life together.

As you continue to acknowledge Christ as your life, there is no longer any seeking God or longing for His presence. He lives in you, inside of Jesus, and both you and Jesus live inside of Him. God the Father is all here and now wonderfully being expressed as you. You now simply be yourself. You are not striving to be like Jesus or to be holy. You are living as Him because He has enclosed you in all His wonderful and unfathomable Personhood. His self-story has become your self story, and you no longer must pretend that you are good or “righteous” enough. You can be honest and true.  

That honesty about yourself now allows you to be loving and comfortable around others. You are now able to focus on others and be a blessing to them. It has now occurred to you that not only has Jesus become you, but you have also become Him, and He is now going out from you, touching, and encouraging others. Instead of you always looking for others to help you, you look for ways to help others. 

The aim of your life has changed from journeying to God and heaven to being a vessel through which the Father displays heaven to creation around you. All your circumstances are opportunities to show creation how He works to bring all things together for good. You increasingly become aware that the Father is partnering with you to show His glory. Your goal is not to achieve “eternal life”, but to know the Father and His “age unfolding” life in you. His thoughts and heart are daily opening up to you through every human experience of your life.

Your life is now wondrous, joyful, and liberated, but never full enough of all that Jesus and the Father have for you to discover. As satisfying as Jesus is, you are thirsty for yet more of Him. This is the abundant life that He promised, being one with Him in body and spirit.

Be the living Jesus, the perfect living remembrance of Him.   

What did Jesus die for?

28 03 2021

Most of us know that Easter is a time to feel grateful and humble as we remember the great sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. We are told that unless Jesus died we would have had no means of forgiveness from God. The teaching is Jesus died to satisfy the wrath of God against us as horrible sinners. 

But the truth of the gospel is Jesus did not die to appease God for our sins. As ludicrous as it may sound, God could have forgiven us just by saying, “I forgive you” because nothing is impossible for Him. The real reason Jesus died was for us. We were the ones that needed to die, not Jesus. We were the ones that needed to be rescued from the tyranny of a false self- story, the lie of accusation, the sin of thinking we could live separate from God. God loves us so much that He determined to reconcile us, to rescue us from the “hell” of living in the lie that we could never measure up to His expectation. This is the reason the Bible says we died with Christ, we were crucified, we were put to death with Him (Rom.6:6). We died in Jesus to the entrapment of our own self-centeredness, that we can make it if we try hard enough. Those chains have been broken! In Christ, we have arisen to the freedom of His self story, His story of freedom to be who we were intended to be. 

Jesus did not just die for our sins to make us acceptable to God. He died for us, as us, so that we could be free from the condemnation of the lie. God is not our judge. He is our rescuer. “You are now free to move about (your life)” *

*thank you to SouthWest Airlines

Also refer to “Was Jesus just a ‘saver’?”

Where is Jesus?

3 03 2021

If Jesus lives in us as us how can He also be in heaven? Col. 1:27

Join the conversation on The Jesus Conversations Podcast. Check it out.

S2 E2 God Where Are You?

8 02 2021

In this episode Dennis has a conversation via Zoom with his longtime friend Steve Fivecoat. (We apologize for the audio weakness). Steve retired some years ago from a career as a firefighter and talks about his feeling lonely sometimes when the crisis decisions where upon his shoulders. He wondered where God was but looks back and discovered that God was there all along. Steve wrote about his experiences in his book Rescue Me which can be found on Amazon. (Click on the title). It’s a very worthwhile and inspirational book. 

Steve continues to write about seeing God through his work and life on his Facebook page “Steve’s Stories” 

The author Norman Grubb can also be found on Amazon. The title Steve reffered to is God Unlimited


S2 E1 What Was Jesus’ Perspective?

14 01 2021

Welcome to the first episode of season 2 of The Jesus Conversation Podcast. In this episode we begin a series of reviewing the basic truths that give us the understanding of how Jesus lives as us. The scripture we focus on in this conversation is John 5:19. 

Begotten from God

19 12 2020

Jesus was “an only-begotten” (the literal Greek) from God, meaning that He was not born from human seed, His was directly from God (Jn.1:14). There was no one else in the world who could make that claim other than Adam. That is why Jesus is referred to as the Second Adam. He carried in His being the seed, the life and breath of God, the attribute of all living things, spiritual in essence, life aionion  (English-eionion), life of the ages.  

The first man, Adam, our ancestor, passed down to us the image and likeness of God stamped in our flesh. The basic characteristics of “Godness” are there, but something is missing. We do not have eionion life, the seed of God, because ours came from another human. Adam could not pass down the seed of God, the eionion life, because he had exchanged his for death, the lie of separation from God. He chose to agree with the serpent creature rather than His Creator, the source of his life.  

Jesus is the only one who can impart the seed of God to us. He is the only “life giving spirit’, the source of eionion life. When we receive Jesus, literally obtain, or lay hold of Him as our life, we also receive His seed, the seed of the Father (Jn 1:12). His seed gives us the “knowing” that we are children of God, just like human seed allows us to know our earthly fathers. We can rightfully claim God as our spiritual Father, the progenitor of our being. Simultaneously, God gets to have more sons and daughters. We too, like Jesus, carry the Father’s genes, His eionion life DNA.

This is what it means to be born again or literally, “begotten anew” (Jn. 3:7). Just like Jesus, we are also begotten, born from above, carrying in our flesh the God life, His Spirit. We carry in our spirits this same eionion life of God (Jn. 5:24; 6:40 ). It is God’s own energy in us.

This is why Jesus is the key to being truly alive (1 Jn. 5:11,12).We do not have life from above, life that lasts, without Him. He is the only One who has it. That is why without Him living in us we have no life. Our only life is Him. This is the Life that overcomes the world and the lie of the enemy. It sustains us, gives energy to our mortal bodies, defeats the sting of death, and establishes us as citizens of the heavenly realm. Merry Christ-life 


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The picture above is of course not Jesus but Rowan Alexander Knopp, my latest great grandchild. 

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