S1 E12 “Praying to Change the Weather?”

24 09 2020


Dennis joined Scott Wakefield for this episode over a Zoom call to talk about the unprecedented fires in the area near them. Many people have had to evacuate their homes while others have already lost theirs to the firestorm. Scott suggested the reprieve in the hot weather is an answer to prayer. But what about those who prayed that their homes be saved and were not? Did they not know how to pray?

What is the real purpose for prayer?

S1E11 What Does God Want?

10 09 2020


In this episode Dennis joins his friend David to talk about the deep theological paradigms that continue to block our belief of Jesus living in us. One of the most dominant is the belief in the reward of heaven. Why be interested in Jesus living in us now if we get to see Him in heaven? The question is, what does God want, to take us to heaven or live in us now?  

S1 E10 Seeing Jesus In You

20 08 2020


In this episode the Sunday morning Jesus As Us Zoom fellowship discussed the challenge of knowing the truth of Jesus living as us. What can we do to better know this truth practically and experientially? We realize that much of the hindrance is due to the very teachings of Western Christianity. We need to speak and ask that God will open the eyes of our understanding to this reality.

By the way, we apologize for the pesky crow that wanted to be a part of our conversation.

Was Jesus Imperfect??

12 07 2020

“The Jesus Conversations” S1E9


Dennis is joined again in this episode with Scott Wakefield to take on a very controversial topic – if we live as Jesus does that mean when we make mistakes Jesus is also imperfect? We invite you to listen with a curious and open mind. What really is perfection? Does God expect us to be perfect?

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Being Truly Free

3 07 2020

Have you ever seen a day when people are so emotionally engaged and divided over the issues in our country? People are arguing over the validity of COVID-19, whether you have to wear masks or not, what we can and not do according to our government directives, and what is racism? Who do you believe and what are the facts? Never have we been so divided by our feelings and prejudices. Social and public media seem to be the driving forces in our culture and not the objective truth. 

Jesus made this remarkable statement, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (Jn.8:32). It seems that more than ever this statement would apply to today. Only the truth will set us free from the hate and prejudice, the lies and misunderstandings that are being thrown around. We need to find a place of solid fact, the surety of absolute truth and a knowing that will raise us above the sea of swirling emotions. Where is that place? 

It is only in a person named Jesus where surety, a solid footing for life can be found. Jesus also said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn.14:6). He is everything having to do with our existence. He is the Way in our journey through the turbulent times. He is the Truth that we can rely on when all else seems biased, and He is the Life that everyone is intended to live. But how does that work? Do we try to practice WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) to imitate Him in everything or do we follow the principles in the Bible, thinking they are His guidelines for being like Him? All these practices are still left to interpretation and bias. There must be a more intrinsic, more intimate way to find that place in Jesus. 

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Jesus Conversations

23 06 2020

S1E8 “The Lying Conscience”

In this episode Dennis is joined once again with his friend Scott through a Zoom conference. Scott’s recent posting on his blog about the issue of sin lead to a very deep discussion on what really is sin and how it effects the human conscience. Be ready for a rather different view from Romans 6 than what you may have heard before. 

Scott’s Blog is at https://myscottpage.blogspot.com/

Drop us a line at dennis.deardorff@gmail.com

Jesus Conversations

12 06 2020

S1E7 “Why do we believe?”

In this episode Dennis is joined by his long time friend David Fulton in one of their regular phone conversations. In this discussion David refers to his experience of being excused from an institutional church because he dared to asked the question “Why do you believe what you believe?”. It brought out the fact that this group of believers had no desire to explore more about their faith. Dennis and David agree that to know Jesus more intimately you need to be “thirsty”.

The book David refers to is NT Wright, Paul, A Biography, Harper One, 2018.

The reference to “Chapter 2” is an article by Dennis entitled “Paradigm Shift”.

Jesus Conversations

30 05 2020

#6 Is God Shaping Me?

In this episode Dennis and Scott discuss a statement Dennis heard on a recent television broadcast, “God is shaping us through this current crisis”. The recording starts during their earlier discussion on different theological paradigms but quickly focuses on the question of what God is really doing with our lives in these challenging days. 

Here are the links to the blog posts referred to: 
Who is a “Real” Man?
Man Down
You’ll Be A Man

Book reference: John Eldredge, Wild At Heart
Article by Dennis, same title “Is God Shaping Me?”

Jesus Conversations

12 05 2020

#5 “How do you see God in this crisis?”

Dennis and Scott begin this episode by following up on Scott’s latest blog post entitled, “Paying Our Dues “, but it quickly transitioned into the Scott’s question to Dennis, “How do you see God in this crisis?”. They discuss how we hear and see God in our current crisis depends on our world view of God, either we live separate from God or He lives in us.

We hope that again you are encouraged to see this current world crisis in a different light.

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Jesus Conversations

23 04 2020

“Dennis Interview”

In this edition of Knowing Jesus Conversations Scott Wakefield interviews Dennis Deardorff on how he has come to understand that Jesus is his life. You will hear Dennis talk about how his religious heritage kept him confused as to what is salvation, how the sin issue was resolved, and how he came to know that Jesus lives in Him. We hope that you listen to the whole conversation even if it may be contrary to what you have always been taught by your church. We hope this brief summary of Dennis’ journey will encourage your own pursuit of knowing Jesus lives as you.  

Listen HERE

Scotts blog: https://myscottpage.blogspot.com/

Contact Scott: scot-wak@hotmail.com

Contact Dennis: dennis.deardorff@gmail.com

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