Kicking the Sermon Habit

4 02 2015

Hats off to Thom for making this bold statement. Why do we hold onto an outdated and highly ineffective mode of conveying truth. If we want guys to engage we need to find other ways.

Holy Soup

It may be well-intended. It may be well-researched. It may be well-executed. But, the sermon, as we know it, fails to deliver.

The weekly lecture isn’t just failing those who sit silently in the pews. The form itself is repelling much of today’s population, particularly men and younger generations. One of those most often mentioned reasons cited by the non-churchgoing majority is, “I don’t want to be lectured.” And the rising population of Dones–strong believers who have become done with the institutional church–also cite frustration with the one-way nature of Sunday morning messaging. What’s more, mounting academic studies show that the lecture method of teaching yields weak results.

People still crave–and need–spiritual nourishment, wisdom from the scriptures, and help applying God’s truths to their everyday lives. But how that’s being delivered on Sunday no longer works like it may have in the past.

Why is that? Rick Chromey, professor and…

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What did God do through the devastation of Pearl Harbor? Amazing story of God’s hand in a pilot’s life.

7 12 2014

From ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ to giving God the glory.

Bill Perkins to start new 9 week group.

26 08 2014

Catch this 9 week men’s group based on Bill’s book, When Good Men Get Angry.

When Good men

Where : Grace Chapel, Wilsonville, OR  MAP
When : Starts Sept 16th

Register here


Opening this weekend in theaters near you.

21 08 2014


A Man’s Movie – Coming Aug 22

9 07 2014

I just  had the privilege of previewing the new movie coming out Aug 22 “When the Game Stands Tall” starring Jim Caviezel (aka Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”). Guys will love this one especially if you are a football fan. Its based on a true story with lots of  game drama as well as life issues and talking points. I’d say well done plus there are lots of supplemental materials to use as follow up such as t-shirts, playbooks, posters,etc.

Take your men’s group, sons and family.


Dad, How much is your time worth?

30 05 2014

Dave Murrow’s follow up to Church in 1850. Men need radical conversation.

27 03 2014


Bill Perkins book When Good Are Tempted special $1.99

15 03 2014

Bill’s most popular book, When Good Men Are Tempted is available on Kindle for only $1.99 until the end of the month. Download your copy forImage over 90% savings off the paperback version.

Dave M is right. To engage the “Peters” we need to have church by the sea or in a boat.

26 02 2014

What is wrong with commitment to Christ?

30 12 2013

Pat Morely speaks to our current re-interpretation of our relationship with Jesus.

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