Where is Jesus?

3 03 2021

If Jesus lives in us as us how can He also be in heaven? Col. 1:27

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Begotten from God

19 12 2020

Jesus was “an only-begotten” (the literal Greek) from God, meaning that He was not born from human seed, His was directly from God (Jn.1:14). There was no one else in the world who could make that claim other than Adam. That is why Jesus is referred to as the Second Adam. He carried in His being the seed, the life and breath of God, the attribute of all living things, spiritual in essence, life aionion  (English-eionion), life of the ages.  

The first man, Adam, our ancestor, passed down to us the image and likeness of God stamped in our flesh. The basic characteristics of “Godness” are there, but something is missing. We do not have eionion life, the seed of God, because ours came from another human. Adam could not pass down the seed of God, the eionion life, because he had exchanged his for death, the lie of separation from God. He chose to agree with the serpent creature rather than His Creator, the source of his life.  

Jesus is the only one who can impart the seed of God to us. He is the only “life giving spirit’, the source of eionion life. When we receive Jesus, literally obtain, or lay hold of Him as our life, we also receive His seed, the seed of the Father (Jn 1:12). His seed gives us the “knowing” that we are children of God, just like human seed allows us to know our earthly fathers. We can rightfully claim God as our spiritual Father, the progenitor of our being. Simultaneously, God gets to have more sons and daughters. We too, like Jesus, carry the Father’s genes, His eionion life DNA.

This is what it means to be born again or literally, “begotten anew” (Jn. 3:7). Just like Jesus, we are also begotten, born from above, carrying in our flesh the God life, His Spirit. We carry in our spirits this same eionion life of God (Jn. 5:24; 6:40 ). It is God’s own energy in us.

This is why Jesus is the key to being truly alive (1 Jn. 5:11,12).We do not have life from above, life that lasts, without Him. He is the only One who has it. That is why without Him living in us we have no life. Our only life is Him. This is the Life that overcomes the world and the lie of the enemy. It sustains us, gives energy to our mortal bodies, defeats the sting of death, and establishes us as citizens of the heavenly realm. Merry Christ-life 


Knowing Jesus, a ministry of NWMC

The picture above is of course not Jesus but Rowan Alexander Knopp, my latest great grandchild. 

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Lest We Forget

28 03 2020

Here is a guest post by one of our coalition brothers – Scott Wakefield. Great encouragement.


Knowing Jesus Conversations

11 01 2020

Knowing Jesus Conversations is a discussion with men (and women) on learning what it means to live as Jesus. This podcast features one of our brothers sharing how discovering his life as Jesus freed him from a common temptation for men.

Listen as Scott Wakefield and Dennis Deardorff talk about Scott’s experience hearing the words “This isn’t who you are”.

You may contact Scott at scot-wak@hotmail.com . He also writes a blog at https://myscottpage.blogspot.com/

Click HERE to hear the “conversation” and our hope is that you too will discover what it means to live as Jesus. Gal. 2:20

What kind of God do you want to know? – Part 2

2 06 2019

With one subtle phrase Satan deceived Adam into the false thinking that he could be like God. The deception released the second, consequential blow on man’s future understanding of himself and God. The truth was man was already like God. He was created in God’s image and likeness, what else did he need to do except to know it by eating of the tree of LIFE. That is precisely what Satan did not want Adam to do.

Adam was the expression of God in the earth. No one can see or know God unless He is manifested in His creation. Adam was that manifestation of God in a person. The only problem was that Adam didn’t fully know it. The enemy, jealous for the role that Adam had in being the image of God, posed a question, was God hiding something from man? The serpent convinced the first couple the real knowledge they needed was of their morality. That would make them like God. The resulting consequence of biting into that fruit was a negative perspective of themselves. They traded the potential of knowing the LIFE of who they already were, in complete union with God, for the knowledge of condemnation and shame.

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Failed Resolutions or Fulfilled Replacement?

18 01 2016

pic-beach-arms-raised1By now many Christian men are disappointed that the resolutions they had made for the new year have already been broken. Hopes for a better prayer life, quitting porn, reading the Bible more or not getting angry with the kids and wife have all been given up. Only a few have had the steely resolve to make good on promises but the effort has not been cheap. They may have made some gains but there still remains the fear that at any moment they may slip back into old ways.

It’s for this reason that most men have given up on making promises to God, themselves or others. They don’t want any further shame from the reminder that they don’t have what it takes to become a better person. Even more shaming is the message from his church or men’s program that he could change if he joins the right “steps” group or was just more committed. But many have done that and have still not seen the expected results.

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A Brother in Need

29 08 2015

A Brother in Need

As we teach and encourage men to grow in the knowledge of Jesus living in us we become aware that He wants to show His other-giving nature through us. One such opportunity to do that is to one of our brothers and fellow team leader Clark Davis.

Clark has been with our  leadership  team  for several  years serving atour events and participating in   our  regular trainings. He is also serving as the point man for the men’s ministry at New Hope Community Church and as a leader with a local chapter of Bible Study Fellowship. He splices these activities in and around his being a self employed contractor.

Just a few weeks ago Clark’s wife, Laura, died as the result of a traumatic illness. Along with the emotional impact, her death has left him with overwhelming medical costs. Combined with other family needs and having limited medical insurance through his self employment he now finds himself in a desperate financial position.

Our NWMC leadership team would like to extend Clark some financial help and we invite you to participate with us with donations to our NWMC Relief Fund. The funds received in the next month will all go to Clark. You can securely give through our DONATE button below and all gifts are tax deductible. Let’s show the loving and giving nature of Jesus through our gifts to this brother.

Thanks so much for participating with us.

Go Here to make a secure donation

8446299_orig-1Or you may send a check to NWMC Relief Fund
c/o 11576 SE Aquila St, Happy Valley, OR 97086

See what transformed Bill Perkins’ life

27 07 2015



Get in on the movement August 1st. Go here: and type in “The Jesus Story”.

50+ Guys learn how to “Come for a brother”.

8 07 2015

In the front yard of a home in Warren, Oregon, on a warm Monday evening recently, 50+ guys learned from Vietnam Marine veteran Phil Downer how to come along side each other in the battle of life. Phil led a workshop entitled “Boots on the ground discipleship training” to help men discover the reality of Christ and His working in their lives. The event was hosted by Jim Morud and NW Men’s Coalition as part of NMWC’s  mission to help men grow in Christ.

Filled with pizza and cupcakes, the men heard Phil draw on his battle experiences to explain the role that men can play in helping each other with the “gun jams” and “high butts” of life through Jesus. “Who are the guys around you that have their ‘guns jammed'”, asked Phil, in illustrating how men become immobilized by life’s circumstances. He continued, “Who has ‘high butt’?”  meaning what friend has been exposed to enemy fire and stands the chance of being taken out. In his own impassioned way Phil exhorted the men, “Will you come for that man?” as he had to come for his buddy who had been hit in the heat of battle. To this day, his buddy remarks to Phil, “Thanks for coming for me Downer!”

As men who are following Jesus, “Who are we coming for”? Who are the men around us that are struggling in life but don’t know how to make sense of it or how to find freedom? Will we choose to come alongside and together help them find the answers in Jesus?

You can learn more about Phil and his ministry at http://www.dnamilitary.org/

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Kicking the Sermon Habit

4 02 2015

Hats off to Thom for making this bold statement. Why do we hold onto an outdated and highly ineffective mode of conveying truth. If we want guys to engage we need to find other ways.

Holy Soup

It may be well-intended. It may be well-researched. It may be well-executed. But, the sermon, as we know it, fails to deliver.

The weekly lecture isn’t just failing those who sit silently in the pews. The form itself is repelling much of today’s population, particularly men and younger generations. One of those most often mentioned reasons cited by the non-churchgoing majority is, “I don’t want to be lectured.” And the rising population of Dones–strong believers who have become done with the institutional church–also cite frustration with the one-way nature of Sunday morning messaging. What’s more, mounting academic studies show that the lecture method of teaching yields weak results.

People still crave–and need–spiritual nourishment, wisdom from the scriptures, and help applying God’s truths to their everyday lives. But how that’s being delivered on Sunday no longer works like it may have in the past.

Why is that? Rick Chromey, professor and…

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