How do you pray – knowing Jesus as us?

23 02 2020

Growing in the knowledge that we are sharing our life with Christ changes our view of many spiritual practices. One of the chief practices is prayer. For the Christian prayer has traditionally been the means to become more aware of God’s presence and to seek answers or provision. It sees God as the benevolent Father, and we are to approach Him with faith, believing that He will give us what we ask.

But now that we see ourselves as in and one with Jesus and all in the Father (Jn 14:20;17:11) we realize we do not approach Him this way. That previous belief held that He was apart from us, He in heaven, and we on the earth. We would hear His Word from outside of ourselves. Now, knowing we are in Jesus, and He in us, we hear His Word deep within our hearts or spirits. We commune with Him with an inner certainty that what we hear or see is coming from His heart and mind. We share our minds and hearts with Him, so what comes from us is actually coming from Him. This is amazing, but before we entertain all the questions this fact raises in our minds, let’s look at Jesus as the prime example of this dynamic.

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What were you thinking?

3 03 2019

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What is the difference between someone whose life is being transformed by Christ and someone who is not? It is the difference in their thinking. The Word says that it’s possible to be thinking one way while the heart believes another (Prv. 23:7). Our minds have the ability to so determine our behavior that even a “reborn” person can be kept in a destructive lifestyle. It is why God says that the mind must be renewed or changed in order to see transformation in our lives (Rom. 12:2). How we think is critical to living as God intended. What, then, is involved in changing our thinking?

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Why I can’t enjoy most worship songs

3 10 2017

PK-manI was listening to a Christian radio station in my car the other day hoping to be inspired as I drove but what I heard instead raised a question. Is what I am hearing the full truth? For example, one very popular, contemporary song suggests that we just endure life until we get to heaven, then everything will be alright. Another song cries out to God to please come and pour out His spirit with blessing and grace. Still, another is a prayer for God’s visitation in our church gatherings.

What are these songs suggesting? Is God distant, aloof, separate from our existence? Do we need to ask God to visit us or send something to us? Over the years song and hymn writers (and pastors) have been influenced by what can be called the “tree of knowledge”. That perspective on approaching God is dependant on scriptural knowledge and human behavior. It suggests that man can approach God through knowing about him and practicing the right morality, i.e. knowing how to be good and not bad. It is what is known as the “separation” paradigm. It holds that God and man are separated because of man’s flesh and sin and it is man’s job to get his life back into in the right place with God.

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Where is God when I need Him?!

7 04 2017

hqdefaultPerhaps you have experienced this frustration with God, “I have asked and asked and I don”t get any answers. Where is God when I need Him?!” All of our Christian lives we have been taught how to pray to a God we are told is full of love and grace. We are told that we can ask Him and He will gladly help us. But, then, why at times doesn’t He seem to answer?

The faith teachers say that the answer is in knowing how to properly ask in faith. If we only had enough faith we would receive more from God, they say. Still, others tell us that it’s a matter of simply trusting that God’s seeming denials are actually His way of testing us or helping us develop patience. We just need to love Him more by total submitting to His will.

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Are we to plan for our future?

1 01 2017

Are we to plan for our future?

Double Mind

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (Matt. 6:34 KJV)

As we think about the new year how does Jesus’ statement affect our planning, goal setting or even making resolutions?  Where are we ever told to plan for the future in the new covenant relationship with Jesus? The past is under the blood and the future is in God’s hands. All we have is the present. Isn’t it sufficient enough to just walk in Christ today? Even Jesus was limited in His knowledge of the future. He only knew that He was going to die. Much of what He knew of His future came from the Scripture and the rest from what the Father showed Him through the course of each day. He reminded us that He didn’t do anything but what the Father showed Him (John 5:19). Should we be any different?

As we live in union with Christ we can take freedom in not having to worry or even plan for our future. We simply do each day what we see Jesus doing. Watch for what He has in store through you in 2017.

Happy new year through Christ



The purpose of prayer

22 07 2016

Image-1Prayer isn’t about trying to persuade God, it’s about discovering the purposes of God.

Matt. 26:39

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