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30 05 2020

#6 Is God Shaping Me?

In this episode Dennis and Scott discuss a statement Dennis heard on a recent television broadcast, “God is shaping us through this current crisis”. The recording starts during their earlier discussion on different theological paradigms but quickly focuses on the question of what God is really doing with our lives in these challenging days. 

Here are the links to the blog posts referred to: 
Who is a “Real” Man?
Man Down
You’ll Be A Man

Book reference: John Eldredge, Wild At Heart
Article by Dennis, same title “Is God Shaping Me?”

“That’s something that I’ve always dreamed of.” – a daughter to her dad.

24 08 2014

This is a guest post from Kevin Shipp, a friend of ours in NWMC. Take note all you dads especially of daughters.

YouthSoccer-300x300As a Spanish Medical Interpreter, I can see pretty much any scenario possible. This time I was interpreting during a family visit at a Psych Ward.  Where the teenage daughter was admitted for developing symptoms of anxiety, depression, gender identity disorder, suicide attempts and other things such as a nervous eating habit.  She had been there in treatment for about 10 days already.  Everyone present during this appointment included: the teenage daughter, her parents, the doctor, a social worker, a counselor and myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Will your church “gush” over your men this Sunday?

10 06 2014

Or will your men be absent , afraid of being made to feel guilty?

Church for men makes a great point.

I Can’t Imagine.

2 06 2014

I can’t imagine my life without my father. I know that thousands of children do know that reality given the tragedy of fatherlessness in our
world. For me, however, I can’t imagine what life would be like without his influence. Dad
I would have missed the dad/boy times on Still Creek as he taught me how to tie that flashy lure and cast it in the deep eddy for
the big one. I would have missed helping him repair the old Ford 8N tractor and then learning to plow a straight line in the top
20 acres. Missing would be the memories of many long summer days driving the hay truck or the baler while he supervised. Read the rest of this entry »

Fathers Day 2014 in your church

29 05 2014

Manhood in Crisis: What is happening to our boys?!

19 05 2014

Dads and moms, did you know there is a “War on Boys”

For all guys who are or thinking about Fatherhood.

20 02 2014

Are we following to Lead – especially at home? A word from David Delk, President of Man in the Mirror.

25 01 2013–499–Leading-in-the-Footsteps-of-Jesus.html?soid=1011275487063&aid=rbC177bra80.

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