Do You really KNOW Jesus

6 08 2019

There is a great deal of difference between knowledge about Jesus and truly knowing Him. Most of my college and seminary training was focused on studying the historical life and work of Jesus so that I could teach others about Him. While I did manage to earn a degree in “divinity” I discovered that there was a dimension of knowing Jesus that I was still lacking. I was continually challenged by the words of Paul, “I just want to know Him…” (Phil 3:10). Here was a man who had a dramatic encounter with Jesus, was chosen to be His special apostle, wrote a gospel revealed to him by Jesus, and was still hoping to know Jesus?? If Paul still wanted to increase his knowledge of Jesus where did that put me?

What is it about knowing Jesus that so alludes us? What is it about knowing Jesus that years of theological training and ministry can’t seem to fulfill? I am fairly versed in every “ology” such as soteriology, ecclesiology, etc. but do I have “Jesus-ology” really down? What is it that I am still looking for?

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Where did Jesus Go?

10 07 2019

Most Christians think of Jesus as the nicest man that ever lived. He was sent to the earth to do a job that only He was qualified for and He willingly did it. Now He is worshiped as the emancipator and model for all of humanity. Believers are encouraged to live like He did by imitating Him until He comes back to retrieve them someday.

But Jesus never intended to be someone that we adore, serve or imitate as in “what would Jesus do?”(Matt.20:28; Luke 22:26,27). His mission was to be the way to real Life (Jn 14:6; 17:3). He came to reunite us with the Father, opening the way for us to live in HIS “house” where we and the Father could exist as one (Jn. 14:1-4, 20,23; 17:21).

Many are looking for Jesus to appear again in the sky someday based on the interpretation of a few scriptures by the Council of Nicea*. But how can He be coming again someday when He said that He “will not leave you orphans” (Jn.14:18)? Are we not like orphans if we are waiting for Him to come for us? And how can He be waiting to come if He said “because I live you will live also”(19)? Are we dead until He comes again? And how can He be living somewhere else and also be living in us with the Father (Jn.17:21; Col. 1:27)?

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What Kind of God do you want to know? Part 3

23 06 2019

We have stated in the previous two posts that the tragic consequences of believing the lying words of the serpent in the garden are that 1.) they left man with the wrong view of God, and 2.) they gave him a distorted relationship with God. The third consequence is how these words have left man with a destructive view of himself.

If eternal life is knowing God and living from the tree of LIFE (Jn.17:3, 1 Jn.5:12) then eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the opposite or death. Adam agreed with the serpent (was not deceived, 1 Tim. 2:14) and accepted the lie (ate the fruit) that he was not already the image of God. Then, having rejected the right knowing of who he really was what was he left with? – only a delusion, a confused story of himself. As a result the human race, descended from Adam, is living in this deception and God, who does not coerce or force His will on man, has had to “turn them over” to the futility of their thinking (Rom 1:21-25). Thus we see the confusion of gender identity, unnatural lifestyles, and “receiving in themselves the penalty of their error…” (Rom.1:27 NKJV).

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What kind of God do you want to know? – Part 2

2 06 2019

With one subtle phrase Satan deceived Adam into the false thinking that he could be like God. The deception released the second, consequential blow on man’s future understanding of himself and God. The truth was man was already like God. He was created in God’s image and likeness, what else did he need to do except to know it by eating of the tree of LIFE. That is precisely what Satan did not want Adam to do.

Adam was the expression of God in the earth. No one can see or know God unless He is manifested in His creation. Adam was that manifestation of God in a person. The only problem was that Adam didn’t fully know it. The enemy, jealous for the role that Adam had in being the image of God, posed a question, was God hiding something from man? The serpent convinced the first couple the real knowledge they needed was of their morality. That would make them like God. The resulting consequence of biting into that fruit was a negative perspective of themselves. They traded the potential of knowing the LIFE of who they already were, in complete union with God, for the knowledge of condemnation and shame.

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What kind of a God do you want to know?

29 04 2019


The most devastating lie ever foisted on the human race was Satan’s statement in the garden about God (Gen.3:5). It has had untold negative ramifications on humanity ever since. Satan deceitfully convinced the first couple the fruit of the tree of knowledge would open their eyes to see a hidden fact of about God. It was a ruse. That secret fact was actually an alternate view of God, one that saw Him as an autocratic being, a judge, and they under His judgment. Their eyes were indeed opened to an aspect of God that He did not intend for them to have. Yes, God knows all things and can judge even the intents of the heart (Ps. 44:21), but was man intended to see himself and God this way? (Gen. 3:22,23). Why else was he excused from the garden?

The devastating impact of this view set up an illusive barrier between man and God. They were now seeing through the eyes of death or as separated from God. Whereas before eating the fruit they had enjoyed unbroken fellowship and union with God, now their view of themselves and God had changed. By knowing “good and evil”, Adam saw himself as “naked” and “afraid”. Consequently, he had to hide. It is clear from God’s questioning of Adam that God wasn’t the one who had revealed this to him (Gen.3:11). Adam’s view of himself, and God, through his eyes of death was a mean trick of the enemy. What you eat is what you become. Read the rest of this entry »

What were you thinking?

3 03 2019

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What is the difference between someone whose life is being transformed by Christ and someone who is not? It is the difference in their thinking. The Word says that it’s possible to be thinking one way while the heart believes another (Prv. 23:7). Our minds have the ability to so determine our behavior that even a “reborn” person can be kept in a destructive lifestyle. It is why God says that the mind must be renewed or changed in order to see transformation in our lives (Rom. 12:2). How we think is critical to living as God intended. What, then, is involved in changing our thinking?

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Is God testing me?

3 02 2019

Not unlike many families today ours is currently undergoing a season of heartbreak. The usual question that comes to mind is “Why?”. The popular teaching we have heard is God is testing us just like He did the children of Israel (Dt.8:2). This premise says God wants to see if we will obey and love Him. A popular Christian speaker and author recently stated, God orchestrates times of testing to see how we would respond . This is terribly discouraging. I’m not sure that I am capable of ever responding correctly. If it’s up to me then there is not much hope.

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