Knowing Jesus as my power life

8 11 2019

The Apostle Paul has been my inspiration in the desire to know Jesus. His admission that he counted all things as loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ indicates to me that this was His highest ambition. (Phil. 3:8 NKJV). I want to follow in his lead. 

For Paul, and us, the basis of our knowledge of Jesus starts with the fact that we share the same life (Gal. 2:20; Eph. 5:30). Jesus and I share the same body, the same heart, and the same mind. We are one just as He prayed (Jn.17:21). That means whatever I am experiencing He is as well and vice versa. Getting to know Him is in how I see myself in the face of life’s challenges. I am not Jesus, but He is living as me. I must accept the truth that He is my life, I have no other. There is no “I am imperfect He is perfect”, no “I am flesh, He is spirit”. If I think I have a separate life from Him I am living in a lie. Christ is all there is. 

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What are you thirsty for?

30 10 2019

On a recent conference call we discussed what happens when we only want Jesus in life.

Give Me Jesus

17 10 2019

Some people just want heaven, others want happiness or success. Just give me Jesus.

The Jesus I was trying to know

9 10 2019

For most of my life as a dedicated follower of Jesus I had difficulty saying that I really knew Him. I was taught the traditional view of His life as being a divinely born man who lived 2000 years ago, died a sacrificial death, rose again, and disappeared into the sky promising to return someday. Consequently, how could I personally know a Jesus who was far away, “up” in heaven, not here with me now? When Paul said he yearned to know Him (Phil.3:10) was he suggesting that he was also trying to know this far away Jesus? 

I have delightedly come to realize that that perception of Jesus is just that, a mental, outer concept, formulated by 4th century Christian leaders. Their Jesus is still waiting in heaven to return someday and then, the teaching suggests, we will have the opportunity to fully know Him. Until then, the implication is we must be faithful to follow His teachings and try to imitate Him so that He will accept us when He returns. 

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Which Jesus?

29 08 2019


Occasionally I hear this comment by people whose lifestyles appear contrary to God’s pattern for us in Scripture, “I believe or love Jesus”. A recent example is the “Bachelorette” of the popular reality TV show declaring herself to be a believer in Christ but also excusing her extra marital sex life. She said, “I can be a woman of faith and still be sex-positive.”(1) For most Bible believing Christians this poses an obvious contradiction. What is going on here?

The problem stems from the fact that people can think in two ways, either with their minds or with their hearts (Pr.23:7; Isa 26:3). Jesus noted people can say one thing while their hearts are not in agreement (Matt.15:8). We also know from Paul that the mind can have a different focus than the heart (Rom.8:5). He points out in the same letter it is our minds that need to be renewed even while living in the Spirit (Rom.12:2).

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Do You really KNOW Jesus

6 08 2019

There is a great deal of difference between knowledge about Jesus and truly knowing Him. Most of my college and seminary training was focused on studying the historical life and work of Jesus so that I could teach others about Him. While I did manage to earn a degree in “divinity” I discovered that there was a dimension of knowing Jesus that I was still lacking. I was continually challenged by the words of Paul, “I just want to know Him…” (Phil 3:10). Here was a man who had a dramatic encounter with Jesus, was chosen to be His special apostle, wrote a gospel revealed to him by Jesus, and was still hoping to know Jesus?? If Paul still wanted to increase his knowledge of Jesus where did that put me?

What is it about knowing Jesus that so alludes us? What is it about knowing Jesus that years of theological training and ministry can’t seem to fulfill? I am fairly versed in every “ology” such as soteriology, ecclesiology, etc. but do I have “Jesus-ology” really down? What is it that I am still looking for?

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Where did Jesus Go?

10 07 2019

Most Christians think of Jesus as the nicest man that ever lived. He was sent to the earth to do a job that only He was qualified for and He willingly did it. Now He is worshiped as the emancipator and model for all of humanity. Believers are encouraged to live like He did by imitating Him until He comes back to retrieve them someday.

But Jesus never intended to be someone that we adore, serve or imitate as in “what would Jesus do?”(Matt.20:28; Luke 22:26,27). His mission was to be the way to real Life (Jn 14:6; 17:3). He came to reunite us with the Father, opening the way for us to live in HIS “house” where we and the Father could exist as one (Jn. 14:1-4, 20,23; 17:21).

Many are looking for Jesus to appear again in the sky someday based on the interpretation of a few scriptures by the Council of Nicea*. But how can He be coming again someday when He said that He “will not leave you orphans” (Jn.14:18)? Are we not like orphans if we are waiting for Him to come for us? And how can He be waiting to come if He said “because I live you will live also”(19)? Are we dead until He comes again? And how can He be living somewhere else and also be living in us with the Father (Jn.17:21; Col. 1:27)?

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