Knowing Jesus lives as Me

27 03 2020

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, 2 Cor. 5:21

..and gave Himself up for me. Gal. 2:20

..who gave Himself for us, ….to purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Titus 2:14

Our traditional perspective on salvation is Jesus was the one who stepped in to pay for my sin debt. He took my place as a nice friend who loved me so much that He laid down His life in my place. He paid the price with His life so that I could go free.

It is true I could not have done this by myself because I was neither qualified nor capable whereas Jesus was both. But the idea He took my place leaves me in an odd position. What should I do now? Do I live forever as a debtor, trying to be grateful to Jesus because I owe Him so much? Or, do I live like a slave trying to obey my new master who bought me from my old owner? Furthermore, now that I am free, am I capable of staying free? How does that leave me to live on my own? Because my debt has been paid does that make me a better person? If I was not capable of living righteously before my debt was paid, what is to say that I can after? Oh, yes, the Spirit is there to help me do what I should, but that still makes me feel like I have to perform to live up to God’s expectation. And, what happens if I start acting like I did before? Do I lose my freedom and have to start all over?

These are the issues that come with our traditional view of salvation. It holds that Jesus, being our propitiation (long word for someone satisfying a debt) is the payment for my debt. He is the one having settled the judgment against me by an angry God. But, here is the truth, I am not saved by a payment but a living person, a LIFE (Rom.5:10). Jesus didn’t just give His life to pay the debt that I owed, His life is what saves me. It was not just Him dying, but His living as Me that saves me. He became me, so He AND I could fulfill the debt I owed and now He and I live the life that I was always meant to live (2 Cor. 5:21). I am not a guilty bystander watching someone else do this for me, I was in Him as He died a cruel death and then rising in Him to new life (Rom.6:6,11). I died and now live in Him. He is now my life. I have no other life (Gal. 2:20).

And this wasn’t a one time event in history. Jesus has and is now constantly giving up His life to live as me. He is taking all my weakness, my “sin” (so called, even though I am dead to sin, Rom.6:7), my fears, etc. He is living all of it as Himself. He takes it all on Himself. He trades His perfection for my imperfection. Can we see it? He is the weak one, the fearful one, the obstinate one so that all those things can be brought to goodness, rightness (Titus 2:14).

This is how I am to live now, not feeling like a debtor having to perform or a slave in a new bondage trying not to sin again, but free to live as Jesus. I am not the one living so those things that “appear” are not really me anyway. They are Jesus. Yes, Jesus. He is the one who gives Himself to live and “appear” as weak and fleshly. I am dead and gone. If you think you are the one “sinning” then you do not consider yourself dead (Rom. 6:11). You need to have a funeral for yourself. Go get baptized and state your death. Or, if you have been baptized, then recall it for what it really was, a death notice. You don’t live anymore!

If you think that you are the one that needs to correct yourself, that you are not acting very Christ-like, then you are living in a delusion. You think YOU need to change, to work on your stuff. Bad news! It will never happen, It can’t happen, because YOU DO NOT LIVE! The old humanity, the Adamic race, was crucified. The old man type of human, the one that you think you are living – always sinning, self oriented, self for self man – has been destroyed, removed, evaporated. Feeling responsible for your stuff, guilty, ashamed are all part of not letting go of the you that no longer exists. You are trying to live as a prehistoric man, a pre-Christ man. Don’t even think about trying to improve your lifestyle, turning yourself around, becoming a “new you”. There is no way you can pose as living self righteously, as working to become Christ-like. That is what is called “filth”, self righteousness. It really stinks. It is false living. It is religion.

But what about sin?? What about it? If it is still a question in your mind then you are naive about the cross. There is no more sin. Period! It is finished. Ask God to show you that Christ finished sin off at the cross. What you think is sin now is pure delusion. You are living in the past. A past that is over and GONE. Get over it! You can’t claim “your stuff” as yours. It’s not yours anymore. It belongs to Jesus. People who are either still buried in shame or acting like they are perfect are both living in a mirage, a dark mist of a lie.

Let it go. Let Jesus be your life. If He traded Himself for you, let Him live as you. It’s all His anyway. He is living it, not you. If there is a mistake or misdeed, it’s His to deal with. Take your hands off. He knows what He is doing. Don’t mess it up by trying to “correct” or strive harder. Let Him handle it. It will surprise you how it all turns out. Letting Christ be you actually works better than you ever thought or tried to do by yourself.

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