What Kind of God do you want to know? Part 3

23 06 2019

We have stated in the previous two posts that the tragic consequences of believing the lying words of the serpent in the garden are that 1.) they left man with the wrong view of God, and 2.) they gave him a distorted relationship with God. The third consequence is how these words have left man with a destructive view of himself.

If eternal life is knowing God and living from the tree of LIFE (Jn.17:3, 1 Jn.5:12) then eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the opposite or death. Adam agreed with the serpent (was not deceived, 1 Tim. 2:14) and accepted the lie (ate the fruit) that he was not already the image of God. Then, having rejected the right knowing of who he really was what was he left with? – only a delusion, a confused story of himself. As a result the human race, descended from Adam, is living in this deception and God, who does not coerce or force His will on man, has had to “turn them over” to the futility of their thinking (Rom 1:21-25). Thus we see the confusion of gender identity, unnatural lifestyles, and “receiving in themselves the penalty of their error…” (Rom.1:27 NKJV).

Identity confusion is the fundamental crisis of humanity today. Millions of people, even devoted believers, have no idea who they really are and therefore are striving to create a story of self that they can live with. “You shall die” (Gen.3:3) is the condition of man without the correct knowledge of God and himself. The result is a life of pretension, trying to prove something that is not true.

With the prevailing “death” perspective, that man is separate from God and held up in an evil flesh, people turn to hating their flesh, the way they were born. They agree with the lie and give in to the condemnation, consequently living a life of “self hatred”. They are not thankful for who God has originally created them to be as image bearers of Himself.

Christianity hasn’t helped this situation either. Instead of helping people with their identity confusion they have focused more on their “sinful” behavior. But behaviour is only a manifestation of belief. We have missed the issue that people are struggling with the wrong belief about themselves, not about sinning. They inwardly hate themselves and are crying out for hope. But, the Christian “church” (small c), following the “letter” of scripture has instead attacked their behaviour and condemned it, leaving many to reject the church. Not wanting to reject God altogether these people simply change their theology to accommodate their lifestyles.

How do we help people who are living in this “death perspective” and save them from a destructive lifestyle? It is imperative that we begin with the facts of their basic identity. They need to know that from birth they have been created in the image and likeness of God. Living in the delusion has not nor will not change the fact of their basic design and purpose. Even trying to excuse their lifestyle proclaiming that they “were born this way”, is the same as rejecting the truth.

Secondly, if people have been “born again” (conceived with the right Spirit), they simply begin agreeing with the Spirit of Truth of what God says. As the person confesses who he really is, the darkness of futile thinking is overcome (Jn.1:5). The lie is overwhelmed by the Truth that sets us free!! (John 8:32)

Instead of judging people with alternate or dysfunctional lifestyles let’s pray that their “eyes will be opened” to the Truth of who they really are (Col.3:4,11). This is the real, helpful gospel we all need – to break the delusion of the lie from the serpent.

Be Jesus



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