What kind of God do you want to know? – Part 2

2 06 2019

With one subtle phrase Satan deceived Adam into the false thinking that he could be like God. The deception released the second, consequential blow on man’s future understanding of himself and God. The truth was man was already like God. He was created in God’s image and likeness, what else did he need to do except to know it by eating of the tree of LIFE. That is precisely what Satan did not want Adam to do.

Adam was the expression of God in the earth. No one can see or know God unless He is manifested in His creation. Adam was that manifestation of God in a person. The only problem was that Adam didn’t fully know it. The enemy, jealous for the role that Adam had in being the image of God, posed a question, was God hiding something from man? The serpent convinced the first couple the real knowledge they needed was of their morality. That would make them like God. The resulting consequence of biting into that fruit was a negative perspective of themselves. They traded the potential of knowing the LIFE of who they already were, in complete union with God, for the knowledge of condemnation and shame.

The tree of knowledge “opened” the first couple’s eyes to a tragic illusion. That deception is by knowing how to be good and not bad, man can be like God. But the problem with this thinking is it requires man to live by principles or law, i.e. always working on being good and performing according to what he thinks God expects. But, to claim to perform rightly assumes man is in a separated, almost adversarial “I’ll show you”, role with God. Again, It’s all a lie. No one or thing is separate from God. All things have their existence inside of God (Acts 17:28). Man doesn’t have to work at being the positive image and likeness of God, he already is. He just doesn’t know it.

The “I will be God” motivation results in performance based religion. Man is out to prove that he can be “good” like God or what God expects, an illusion not only of his own image but of his ability. The addition of the Biblical Law only confirmed the futility of this thinking. It’s impossible to be good through life principles or law. But, thousands of years later man is still not convinced, including some super devoted, well intended Christians trying to live by the “commands” of Christ.

Jesus was the second Man, the perfect expression of God. He never said He wanted or could be like God, only that He was already one with God. He declared that when you saw Him, you saw the Father. His role was to restore man’s proper “knowing” of himself as God’s image and likeness in the earth. He is who we are intended to be. When we receive Jesus we accept He is the eternal, knowing of LIFE we were meant to have instead of the false, “I can be like God”, separated self.

Jesus is the other tree. He is the only LIFE there is. Receiving Him into our hearts restores us not only to the correct knowing of the Father but of LIFE itself (Jn. 14:6; 17:3). He is our life (Col. 3:4). We don’t have to try to be someone or know something else. We are the flesh of Jesus who is the flesh of the Father. We know who we are in Him (Jn. 14:20).

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2 responses

20 06 2019
Steve Fivecoat

Dennis, this Is really great information, challenging, thought provoking and the kind of stuff that wakes you up in the night and keeps you awake trying to grasp it all. How does this apply to my life and has does it apply to the lost. This happened a few nights ago and while thinking about what you said, God brought to my mind my brother and a few others that I know who have believed the lie. I didn’t see the sin but the hurt and anguish they live with. They fight against God, blame Him for the past all the time missing the truth. I may be off on this but I believe Christ death was more about setting the lie straight then the forgiveness of sins. It was about reconciliation.
Repentance is more for my sake than God’s. He settled that issue at the cross. You told me once to look past the “surface” (sin) and see God at work in each person. He’s giving them the chance to pick a different tree than Adam did.


21 06 2019

Yes! Christ death (and ours) was the removal of the “spirit of error (lie)” from our lives. We are now free to know who we really are by the “spirit of Truth” living in us. Thanks for the feedback.

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