What kind of a God do you want to know?

29 04 2019


The most devastating lie ever foisted on the human race was Satan’s statement in the garden about God (Gen.3:5). It has had untold negative ramifications on humanity ever since. Satan deceitfully convinced the first couple the fruit of the tree of knowledge would open their eyes to see a hidden fact of about God. It was a ruse. That secret fact was actually an alternate view of God, one that saw Him as an autocratic being, a judge, and they under His judgment. Their eyes were indeed opened to an aspect of God that He did not intend for them to have. Yes, God knows all things and can judge even the intents of the heart (Ps. 44:21), but was man intended to see himself and God this way? (Gen. 3:22,23). Why else was he excused from the garden?

The devastating impact of this view set up an illusive barrier between man and God. They were now seeing through the eyes of death or as separated from God. Whereas before eating the fruit they had enjoyed unbroken fellowship and union with God, now their view of themselves and God had changed. By knowing “good and evil”, Adam saw himself as “naked” and “afraid”. Consequently, he had to hide. It is clear from God’s questioning of Adam that God wasn’t the one who had revealed this to him (Gen.3:11). Adam’s view of himself, and God, through his eyes of death was a mean trick of the enemy. What you eat is what you become.

Unfortunately, Man continues to believe the lie when he thinks of God as the holy, “other than himself”- judge, that He evaluates men on the basis of performance, and that He expects that man be perfectly good like Himself. As long as man sees himself as somewhere on the scale between good and bad, this is how he will view God. Our view of God always begins with how we see ourselves. This is how the enemy sees God because he himself lives in that illusion. Is this how you want to see and know God?

Even if you believe this about God or yourself, He doesn’t want to be known that way. Instead, He gave us the one way in which He does want to be known – Jesus. He was the other tree, the tree of Life, whose fruit is timeless living in union with God. He is the perfect example and expression of God, the only way to accurately know the Father. No one can come to the Father except through Him. The primary reason He appeared as a man was to show the world who God really is and to change man’s view. If we think Jesus was sent just to save us from our sins we have missed the point. He came to show us who the Father truly is (Jn. 14:8-11). When He had compassion on the sick, when He saw people being taken advantage of, when He wept, when He labored under the cross, when bled and died, laying down His life on that cross He was showing us God. That is who God is, meek, lowly, humble, winning the world back to Himself through love and not judgment.

Let’s repent of believing the lie. Let’s believe instead that Jesus is the perfect revelation of the Father. Let’s believe what Jesus says – that not only does He show us God (Jn. 14:9) but that the Father also lives and shows up in our lives. The Father is in Christ and Christ is in us (14:20). This is the true definition of eternal life – to know the Father and (by) Jesus sent (Jn. 17:3). That is the God I want to know.

(To be continued in the next post: Part 2, another devastating impact of the lie. )



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