Is God testing me?

3 02 2019

Not unlike many families today ours is currently undergoing a season of heartbreak. The usual question that comes to mind is “Why?”. The popular teaching we have heard is God is testing us just like He did the children of Israel (Dt.8:2). This premise says God wants to see if we will obey and love Him. A popular Christian speaker and author recently stated, God orchestrates times of testing to see how we would respond . This is terribly discouraging. I’m not sure that I am capable of ever responding correctly. If it’s up to me then there is not much hope.

The Truth is God does not “test” anyone, nor is He, Himself, tested (Jms.1:13). Additionally, if He lives in me why would He test Himself? We need to make a correction in the terms used here and change the paradigm of our relationship with God. First of all, scripture shows trials and temptations are the same thing and according to what God says He is not the one responsible for them. They come from ourselves (v.14). Scripture also says Jesus Himself suffered being tempted …to aid those (us) who are tempted. (Heb. 2:18). So, let’s be clear, trials and temptations are not testing from God.

Secondly, testing, should properly be translated “proving” (James 1:3). Proving means to establish or validate a truth. God uses the trials in our lives to prove the truth. The truth of what? Whether my commitment or love for Him is true? No, the proving is not of me, it’s my faith. Where does my faith come from? It is from God Himself, it is His Word, His Truth (Rom. 10:8,17; Eph. 2:8,9). God is not proving or polishing me as if I am a jewel and He is making me into something better. He is proving Himself, that His Word is true in me. He wants to be seen in me, to make known His heart and love (Eph.3:19; Jn. 7:38). The end of the proving is my knowledge of my perfect union with Him. The saving of our souls is coming back to a knowing of who I really am in Him (1 Pet. 1:6-9).

We can never really know something without pressure or its opposite. The meaning of life is in overcoming. Proving through trials and tribulation is the birth pangs that form Christ in us (Gal. 4:19). The pressure is like a mother pressing the baby out of the birth canal. And here is the exciting part, it’s God Himself that wants to come out and be seen. In my prayers about my trials he reminded me, “This is not your suffering, it’s mine, I am letting you feel it” i.e. God is laboring with me, through me to reveal Himself through Christ (Rom. 8:26). He “groans”, travails in me. It’s “our” travail, so Christ can be revealed IN me (Rom. 8:18).

The trails and heartaches of life are the opportunities for me to know Him more, to know His heart. The result is the more I know Him the more I know myself, who I really am. The labor is the proving of what God says is true – I am Christ, He is my life (Gal.2:20). Travail is God wanting to be known. This is why James says, count it all joy..because the proving is producing “patience”(James 1:3). What is patience, something God gives us? NO, it’s the character of God Himself demonstrated through us (Col. 1:11; Gal. 5:22).

Let’s correct our understanding of the meaning behind our pain and heartaches and let God be seen in us!

Dennis D 2/1/19



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5 02 2019
Ted Hartzell

Currently studying 1Peter1 where Peter outlines his encouragement to the exiles: We can find comfort knowing that we are chosen by the Father, praising God for inexpressible and glorious joy for salvation of our souls by the Blood of Christ. We fix our eyes on our hope that does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit!
Lord Help us live in view of our glorious inheritance!

5 02 2019

Amen! Fill us with the view of Jesus!

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