Are you believing in another gospel?

29 09 2018


One of the most subtle delusions of modern Christianity is the belief in “another gospel”. Paul was so emphatic about the intrusion of this deception into the 1st century churches of Galatia that he repeated his warning twice with strong words, “If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!” (Gal. 1:8,9 NIV).

What is the “other gospel”? Most teachers will tell you that obviously Paul was referring to those Jewish believers who, while acknowledging the sacrifice of Christ still felt the necessity of keeping the old covenant law. To our modern understanding this is absurd. Christ fulfilled the law, so, of course, Christians don’t practice the law any longer. So, the “other gospel” is no longer relevant today.


What many believers don’t realize is that they still follow a form of old covenant law. It’s just disguised in a modern version. Here are some questions that may help you know if you are living by “another gospel”:

1. If you think you are a sinner just saved by grace,

2. If you think you need to serve the Lord,

3. If you are seeking to please the Lord,

4. If you are trying to live by the “principles” of the Bible as obedience to Christ,

5. If you are worried that you may not make it to heaven,

6. If you believe that you need to be like Jesus,

7. If you must prove your faith with works,

8. That you must keep your flesh in submission.

What do these questions reveal? They show that you still feel the need to do something to assure your faith or salvation. What difference is that from old covenant law? It’s the same obligation to God only just adding Jesus into the equation. Any form of obedience even to Jesus is still law (“to be in bondage”, Gal. 4:9; 5:1). It’s what is called “Christ plus” or Jesus plus rules and standards. It is not the true gospel.

The true gospel Paul preached was that Jesus ended every obligation, every thought of having to “do something”, every sense of guilt or being unworthy. It was finished at the cross, all of that “doing” was ended. Christ is now your all (Col.3:11b), you need nothing more. Nothing!!

Years of “right doctrine” Christianity have taken its toll on many believers today and as a result they are following a “gospel” that isn’t really good news at all. The simplicity of just living in Christ and He in them has been lost to their comprehension. “How can this be?” “Don’t I need to do something?” The power of the true gospel is.. it is all of Christ! Let Him be your life, you have no other life than Him (Gal.2:20). Don’t be fooled! Put away this “other gospel” for a simple acceptance of Him living as you. That is real freedom!

Be Jesus



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