Followers or Be-ers?

4 07 2017

Jesus-DiscipleshipFor years men have been challenged to be “followers” of Christ. That imperative is generally taken from the “Great Commission” found in Matt. 28:18-20. But, the total truth of the Gospel is that there is more to the Christian life than just a being a Jesus follower.

When Jesus used the term “follow me” He was speaking to His admirers before His crucifixion and Pentecost. You won’t find the command in the New Testament after Pentecost. Following someone around the Judean landscape was typically what people did when they liked a certain rabbi or teacher. Even after the teacher died they would still practice the teacher’s precepts and principles. Today, many Christians are still doing the same thing, following the teachings of Jesus as though He were a dead person. It’s not unlike any other religion.

The full truth of the Gospel is that, of course, Jesus is not a dead guy! He rose again and now after coming in the Spirit lives in every believer who has received Him. They are not just followers of His external teachings or commands but are living by the internal, spiritual expressions of Christ Himself. They are not trying to be like Jesus, or do things like He would have (WWJD), they are the very vessels of His life and glory. Plus, in view of the fact that all have died with Him on the cross, we exist or live not as our old selves but as Him (Gal.2:20).

Jesus never intended that people would just be His followers but be His temples, containers, and branches through which He would live out His life. This is the mystery of the Gospel, Christ IN us, not apart from us (Col. 1:27). We are no longer just followers of Jesus, we are “be-ers” of Him, living His life as He expresses Himself through us.

Be Jesus, not just His follower.



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4 07 2017
Gary P. Larkins


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