Christianity is not about YOU!

3 02 2017

Son of God 5The most common theme in preaching and teaching in Christian churches and media is:

  • How to improve your life with God’s help
  • How God’s grace and love gives you hope and acceptance
  • Encouragement to be more loving, serving, tolerant
  • Commit, dedicate, consecrate your life to Christ
  • Repent, confess, your sins and get right with God.
  • Strive to grow or be more like Jesus.
  • How to be victorious, successful, healthy, and financially blessed by following Biblical principles
  • How you can gain God’s favor or blessings

The point of all of this is that YOU are the center of focus. The emphasis is on how YOU can apply scripture or access the grace of God for YOUR life.

But the real message of Christianity, the gospel, is not about you, it’s about JESUS!

  • He existed before and is supreme over all creation (Col.1:15)
  • Everything was created through Him and for Him (1:16)
  • He holds everything together (1:17)
  • He is first in everything (1:18)
  • He is the new man, the second Adam, the firstborn of a new race (Rom 5:17; 1 Cor. 15:45, Rom 8:29)
  • It’s about what He has done in taking your place (2 Cor. 5:18-21)
  • It’s about exchanging your life for His (Gal. 2:20)
  • It’s about how you are no longer visible, it is only Christ that is seen (Col.3:3,4)

The real gospel is about how your false self was crucified with Christ and your new self is really  Christ. You are not the focus any longer. Your old self has been denied, forsaken, crucified, hidden – YOU no longer exist, except as Christ.

The next time you listen to a preacher or teacher listen for the word YOU. Is the message about you and your performance or is it about Jesus? True Christianity is not about you, it’s about Him. Get to know Him and you will discover yourself.



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