It’s not wrong, it’s just not the whole truth.

18 01 2017

swearingHow many times in your life have you heard or said yourself, “If I had only known the full story”! in questioning a critical decision you have made. We come to realize that not having all the facts often limits our ability to make successful decisions.
Similarly, millions of Christians are living limited spiritual lives simply because they have never heard or been taught the whole truth. They have heard the truth of their forgiveness of sins and the free gift of eternal life but have not heard the rest of the gospel truth of their union with Christ. Col. 1:27

Here are a few examples of where knowing the full truth makes a big difference in how we deal with the issues of life.

Sin and addictions. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. are thought to be handled best through “sin management” style programs such as AA or similar recovery programs. The emphasis is on one’s correct handling of their sin problem. The full truth is that we are never to focus on our sin, but on our essential identity as Christ in us. We are never to identify ourselves by our problems or sins (e.g. calling yourself a sinner, unworthy, or an addict) because the Bible says we have died to sin and now live united with Him. Once we realize that fact, sin, Satan, demons, addictions, etc. lose their hold and we realize that we are free! We see that the problem is not us! We begin to live free through Him who lives in us and is our life. (Rom. 6:6, 11; Gal. 2:20; 1Jn 4:4)

Hardships and affliction. The common teaching is that when we are faced with a sickness, trauma, or any affliction we simply need to cry out to God and believe He will deliver us by our faith. But, the full truth is that whatever you face in life you do not face it alone. God is facing it with you. We do not live our lives separate from God. As believers, we are living containers of Christ Himself. We face life together. We share this life with Him and since God is greater He will deal with the issue accordingly. We simply follow His lead in dealing with it. (Jn 15.5, 2 Cor. 12:10)

Prayer and faith. Our common understanding of prayer is that it’s asking God for his supply or prevailing upon Him to change something. We are told to persevere or pray harder with more faith. What is the full truth? Prayer is not asking God to do something, it’s finding out what He IS doing and agreeing with Him. This is why people become so discouraged with God. They have asked and asked but nothing happens. When we see the whole truth that God is always working in His universe for our good we then realize that we need to change our perspective. The universe doesn’t revolve around us. It revolves around God. We are simply a specially designed creation of God to manifest Him. (Mk. 11:24, John 5:19, Acts 17:28, Rom. 8:28)

God’s will. How often we struggle with these questions, “What is God’s will? Should I do this or that? The full truth is that we have the will of God working in us. His will is not something that we discover or search for, it finds us. We hear His voice, we think His thoughts and we simply obey. God is always speaking to us through our minds and hearts. We simply need to receive it. (Phil. 2:13, 1 Thess. 5:18)

There is a profound difference in this full truth and what many of us have been taught. What we have known is not wrong, it’s just not the whole truth. I pray that we will come to see the total Truth and live free lives as God has intended. This is what we are working hard at doing. (Col. 1:28)






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