The Total Truth

13 11 2016

bible-truthIn January of 2015, we realized here at NWMC that there is a significant void in the spiritual life of Christian men.  Ironically,  many do not authentically know Jesus. Yes, they believe they are “saved” but they have yet to discover the reality of the living Christ within them. Much of what we were doing as a regional ministry was only helping men be better men and not leading them to better know this  Christ inside. Our aim now is to teach the “total” or the rest of the truth that Christ now lives in us, is our life, and that we can fully manifest the person that God has intended us to be through Him.  (Col. 1:27-29; Col. 3:4; Gal. 2:20)

Here are ten examples of how many believing men (and women) miss the total truth of their lives in and as Christ. Most of them know:

  1. That Christ died for them but do not know that He now lives in them. Col.1:27
  2. That Christ died for their sins but they don’t know that they can live victorious over sin. Rom. 6:6,11; Rom. 8:2
  3. That man has been born with a sin nature but they do not know that this nature has been replaced in them with the nature of Christ. Rom 6:11,18, 22
  4. That Christ came in human form but they don’t know that they are to be Christ in their human forms. I Jn. 4:17; Gal. 4:19
  5. That man has a self but they don’t know that it is a false self unless it is united with Christ. Matt. 16:25; Gal.2:20
  6. That they should be more like Christ but do not know that they are only containers for Christ. Jn. 15:1; Rom. 9:22,23; 1 Cor. 6:19
  7. That they should make their life count but do not know that it is only the one living in them that counts.  Rom. 12:1; Phil. 1:21; 3:8,9
  8. That Christ is there to help them but do not know that The Helper lives in them.  Phil. 4:9
  9. That they are created in the image of God but do not know that Christ is that image. Rom. 8:28,29
  10. That they need to grow spiritually but they don’t know that they are already complete in Christ.  Col. 2:10

Do you know the “total truth’? Are you aware of the living Christ abiding in you? It is only when you become conscious of this truth that you will really begin to live as a true son of God, a Christ being. Thank God for “the rest of the story”.



2 responses

13 11 2016
Scott W

Preach it!

14 11 2016
Adrian Albrecht

Thanks for the perspective, it helps!

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