Not Two, but One

15 08 2016

I am always amazed by the “mystery” of two people becoming one. We see the process described in Genesis 2:24 as two people “leaving” parents, becoming bonded together in love and then described as “one flesh”. After a wedding, we don’t commonly refer to the couple as separate individuals, but automatically begin describing them as the “Hackett’s”, or the “Fulton’s”. They are no longer seen as just two people but two as one. This has been one of the oldest phenomena of our civilization. We don’t understand how this occurs but it is a fact.


Aidan & Brooke Hackett 7-24-16

This simple event is an illustration or a type of the real mystery – our uniting with Christ. He left His Father’s heavenly domain to become a man, wooed us by His love and sacrifice and through our acceptance united with us in the Spirit. We are then known as a “Christ-ian”. We are not known as us and Christ or Christ with us, but Christ and us as one. So intimate and bonded are we with Him that the Bible calls us “members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones” (Eph. 5:30-32).  What a great mystery and one that is a fact for every believer. We and Christ are one.

Many believers think of themselves as distinct from Christ. They long to be like Him and pray that their efforts at church involvement and personal spiritual disciplines will bring them closer.  It is unfortunate that our church culture still encourages them to be accountable, press on, persevere in the goal of getting closer to Him. But, most become discouraged in that they never are sure if they have arrived at their goal or not.


Dave & Dawn Fulton 8-7-16

The truth is that they already are intimately connected with Christ at the point of their faith in Him. Christ comes to live in their “vessel”, “temple”, “branch”, etc. They simply need to recognize that truth and begin to watch by faith how Christ is working in and through their flesh, just as the Father worked in and through the flesh of Jesus. So sure of this truth was Jesus that He could make the startling statement, “..if you have seen Me you have seen the Father”, and “I and the Father are one”. Are we God? No, but, like Jesus, we can say that we and Jesus are one (see John 17:20-22).  We are His containers and mysteriously our flesh containers manifest the character of Jesus as we live our lives. Can you discern the vine from the branch? Can you say the head is separate from the body? No, we always refer to them as one. That is the mystery of our life as one with Christ. Let’s realize this “mystery” each day of our lives.




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