Are You A Double Thinker?

12 07 2016

Double MindMost people are very used to thinking in terms of life being divided into “secular” and spiritual realms. Anything having to do with God, church, prayer, or scripture is thought to belong to the realm of the spiritual while work, family, government, and money is the secular, worldly or natural realm. This leads to the reasoning that God, who obviously lives in the spiritual realm, must be invited into our natural/secular world to bring about His will. Prayer is thought to be the process of convincing God to intervene in our physical lives to change our outcomes. As we live our lives in the world we think in terms of God sending us help, giving us the resources we need and the ability to please Him. Everything is seen in terms of how separate we are from God.

Where does this come from? Is this the way humans were originally designed to think and function as part of God’s creation? On the contrary, we see man originally having a complete union and harmony with God. All was good and all was spiritual (Gen.1:31, Acts 17:28; Eph. 4:6). There was no consciousness of separation or different realms. Everything was a part of one unified creation and completely spiritual. However, when man ate of the forbidden tree something happened to his unified consciousness. A contrary “spirit of error” entered man and he began to see not just the good and spiritual but also the natural and evil. His world perspective became fractured, divided into double thinking. Instead of seeing God in everything he now questioned God’s presence and doubted His loving providence. This divided consciousness resulted in the feeling of being separated from God and the impulse to hide from Him (Gen.3:7,8). The natural world became separate from the spiritual.

Christ came to restore humanity to its original union with God and to once again having a unified world view. He personally exemplified that union while He was living in the worldly flesh, insisting that He and the Father were one (John 14:10; 17:11). Not only was He living in complete union with God, He saw everything as one unified realm where the Father is at work (Jn. 5:17-19). He taught that man needed to see everything with a “pure” eye (original Greek word = singular) so that his “whole body may be full of light” (Matt.6:22). Only then could a man make  sense of the perceived darkness in his life.

To destroy this double thinking Jesus actually let it affect Himself (2 Cor. 5:21). For the first time, He personally experienced the spirit of error or double thinking. That is why He felt forsaken at the cross, thinking that the Father had removed Himself from Him (Matt. 27:46). But through His death, He destroyed the spirit of error or separation thinking by dying to it and being raised up with the original, correct spirit of truth, and a renewed consciousness of union with God. As the representative man with renewed thinking, He led the way for all men to once again think and see God as “all in all” (Eph.4:6; 1 Cor. 15:28) and that He makes “all things work to the good”(Rom. 8:28). Through faith in Christ and His death and resurrection man could again see the world not as divided between good and evil, natural and spiritual, but as all God who works all things according to His will (Eph.1:11).

This is why James makes such a point of no longer thinking double (James 1:8, 4:8). Being double minded blocks faith and trust in a God who is all in all. It can’t see God as only good and loving. It cast doubt that He is working in our erroneously perceived “secular” world and still sees the need to beg or pray that He intervene. Faith, on the other hand, sees God at work everywhere and in everything and is willing to accept that whatever is happening, He is present. With our world in ever increasing turmoil, this makes faith and our unified perspective so much more important. Without it, we are open to fear and panic and have no hopeful influence on those around us.

Let’s return to seeing everything as Jesus does with a pure or singular eye so that our whole life will manifest His light/life. Is Christ “added” to your life or are you united with Him as one? Is Christ your helper or your very life? Are your circumstances only yours to bear or are they His as well? When you see Jesus do you see yourself? Let’s be transformed in our minds and see once again that “Christ is all and in all” (Col.3:11).

Be Him



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