4 06 2016

_For what is life__



3 responses

6 06 2016
Adrian Albrecht

Living by the word of God, Prayers, giving thanks to God, seeking spiritual truth, wisdom & knowledge, sharing in fellowship, counting deeds committed, Loving one another, enduring sacrifice and the iron forge, guarding and validating your heart, accepting correction with joy, speaking uplifting words, repenting sin, asking God to take your burdens and troubles away and in all giving all Glory to God. Do this to find Jesus the giver of Life!

6 06 2016

Col. 1:27, 3:4; 1 Jn 5:12

6 06 2016
Scott Wakefield

As Paul tells us, to live is Christ and to die is gain. There is no veiled reference or inuendo here, Paul was specifically making his point that Jesus IS LIFE. We see this in Galations 2 : 20 in His indwelling spirit within us. Does not counting deeds commited invalidate the sacrafice of Christ? When He died, He erased all sins past, present AND future. Just my take 🙂

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