Do you have the original life software?

22 05 2016


No doubt you have had a computer device that quit running properly due to faulty software. As you investigated the cause you find that a virus had infected or corrupted the operating program. To get rid of the virus or infection you probably were advised to do a “hard reset” of your device to restore it to its original factory settings. Only then could your device perform according to its factory design.

How similar this is to our human lives. We were originally created to operate perfectly according to our designer. The operating software, the eternal life Spirit, was originally breathed into man and his flesh hardware became fully functional. Man became a living soul,  i.e. a vessel designed to manifest the perfect life/spirit of God.

But the first couple were deceived in thinking that they needed a software “update”. As a consequence their life operating system was corrupted. It was infected with a virus that took it over. The perverted software now wanted to do things its own way. Man’s life machine would run, but differently and independently from its original design thus resulting in sin, guilt and shame. As descendants of the first couple our life machines have regrettably run the same way.

Christ came into the world to change this situation and restore man to his original factory settings. He “repaired” the problem by first of all representing all of mankind in His own life by personally taking on the corrupted software (2 Cor.5:21). He then completely hard reset the operating system by dying. He didn’t just clean up the software, He eradicated it, “dumped it” from His life through His death. Then, when He arose, His new life machine ran once again with the pure, original software of the Spirit life of God, the Father.

But how does that change our life machines with corrupted software? Simple. We believe as the Scripture says that His death on the cross was our needed hard reset. When He died, we all died and our operating system was renewed when He rose again. By recognizing that this is what we need and by faith accepting what Christ has done we receive the “witness” that yes, our system has been totally restored to the original operating software. (cf Rom. 6:1-11; 8:15,16)

Now, our life hardware can run as it was designed to run. His life in us is our restored software and it even comes with a security or guard against new viral attacks of the enemy. Does our life machine always run smoothly? No, but now as we encounter a glitch we simply reboot the system, restoring our focus on Him, without having to dump the whole operating system. That has already been done once and for all.

This is what it means to be saved. It is not just being forgiven by grace and still thinking we are sinners, it’s being restored to sainthood with the original life/breath of God, His very life in us.  It is more than just having a “Christ-card” for heaven and trying to keep our operating system clean so we can pass the test at the gate. It’s living with our original factory specs, operating with power, joy and efficiency the way the Father had always designed us to be. He is the perfect operating system for our life machines. Is your life running on the original version of God’s software?



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