Who are you?

29 03 2016

Who are you?

v1.bjsxMDQ2OTQ2O2o7MTY5NTM7MjA0ODs1NzYwOzM4NDAIn the recent feature film “Young Messiah” a befuddled Roman centurion asks the young boy Jesus, “Who are you?” The centurion is on a mission to find the child born to be the Messiah.

Have you ever had someone ask you that question? Likely not since this is customarily not how we greet or address each other. We normally ask “How are you?” rather than “Who are you?”.

But, what would you say if someone were to ask you this question?

Typically you may respond with, “I am an American, Latino…” or “I am gay, straight, white or black.” or “I am a Christian, Muslim…etc.”. But do these descriptions really say who we are in your deepest core? Mostly we describe ourselves with external descriptions taken from our  culture or lifestyle. In order to respond positively we resort to using these descriptions or even make them up so as to satisfy the need for affirmation or acceptance. Yet, it is all so superficial. Something still nags at us from deep within our being, “Who am I really?”.

Psychology would tell us that our inner being or center is called the soul. Much has gone into the study of the soul trying to answer the why or how we are who we are and why we act as we do. But man is more than just a soul in a body. There is still a deeper part of our being the Bible refers to as our spirit, our consciousness or knowing (1 Cor.2:11), our pneuma or breath, the I am or self of our lives that connects with a deity spirit. The spirit is very deep and unseen whereas the soul or the area we call our personality or humanness is normally the visible expression of our spirits. (Rom. 8:5; Gal.5:16).

The spirit is always connected or united to a deity spirit and reflects that deity’s nature. Jesus referred to this when he described the Pharisees as children of their father, the devil (Jn. 8:44). From our birth our spirits were united to the “prince of the power of the air”, and we were known as “sons of disobedience” or “children of wrath” (Eph.2:2,3). On the other hand, when we confess and believe in Christ our spirits are re-united or reconnected to God’s spirit.  We are then called “children” or “sons of God” (Rom.8:15,16). Our spirit or inner consciousness is now known as belonging to Christ (1 Cor. 6:17) and we now begin to exhibit His nature through our lives. He is who we are in our deepest being. He is our life, our “right self”. (Rom. 5:18; Col. 3:4).

So, whether as a believer you know it or not you are in your inner self a “Christ-ian”. You don’t have to try or hope to be like Him, you are the expression of Him. You are not to be identified by your flesh or any other worldly description but rather by who you are in your inner man, your spirit. You can positively answer the “Who are you?”question with “I am a son of God”, “Jesus in my form”.

Now the only question to be asked is, “Are you walking in your true identity?”.

Be Jesus.

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