Do I love God enough?

9 02 2016

errand-clipart-RcARBqXcLAs a Christian man I made every effort to obey the command to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.”(Matt 22:37). But there was always the nagging question, “Am I loving Him enough ?” Then, there are Christian authors I read who compounded the question by suggesting that my love for God is the secret to a fulfilled life. Was I missing that “fulfilled or blessed” life as well?

Thankfully, here’s what I have discovered:

First of all,  it’s impossible to love God if we don’t have His love. The Bible says that He alone is love (1 Jn. 4:8). We have no true love in us unless we have Him in our lives. If He is not there, we have no love to express to Him or anyone else.

The second is that I am not created to have my own love. I am created only to be a vessel or a container of the indwelling, lover God. We were originally designed to contain Him, the Spirit of Truth, and to express Him through our lives. But because of the fall we became a vessel of wrath (Rom. 9:22,23). Through the cross, Christ’s death replaced the wrath producing, spirit of sin with His Spirit so that we can again be lovers of others and not of self. Once we are redeemed we become again a vessel of mercy and love.

Thirdly, we can’t love God without first understanding His love for us. We need to be caught up in His love to really grasp what love really is. This is why Paul prays that we come to understand the unfathomable dimension of God’s love for us (1Jn. 4:10; Eph. 3:19).

Lastly, God never expects us to love Him out of a command. Commands can be like laws. They usually don’t prompt anything but guilt and shame. That was the natural product of the law before the cross. It was designed to frustrate and make us see that we can’t do anything on our own. Since the cross, the laws and commands are all fulfilled in Christ. He is the completion of the command to love God. I fulfill the command  as I live in Him and He in me and not by my own efforts.

Here is the way you can love God and know it’s enough:

First, recognize that you have received Him who IS love. If you have Him you will spontaneously express love for Him and others. God is the one doing the loving through you. It is His nature being expressed not your own (which you never had anyway).

Secondly, the Bible says that if you love God you are fulfilling His commands (1 Jn.5:3 NKJV). Love results in obedience not the other way around. That is why John says His commands are not burdensome, they are already fulfilled by the “law fulfiller” (Christ) living in us. The question is not whether we are keeping His commands but whether we know God’s love is in us.

Finally, never worry about whether you are loving God enough. Rather, concentrate on knowing how much He loves you. God is not seeking your love. You don’t have any love apart from His anyway. He is more delighted if you understand His immeasurable love for you. When you see that there will be no more question in your mind about loving Him.

On this celebration of Valentine’s Day don’t try to love, express the love that lives in you.



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