The real, full Good News

11 12 2015


The real, full, complete good news of the gospel is that Jesus did not come just to be our “saver” but also our “rescuer”. That is the full meaning of being a savior.

For far too long we have only seen the Christmas story as that wonderful news of God sending Jesus to save us from our sins. Man as a sinner needed to have someone pay the sacrifice for his sins so that he could escape the death punishment and be assured of eternal life.

But there is more God intended than Jesus just being a saver from our sins. He was also our rescuer from the Sinner – the chief sinner of the universe: Satan.

Man needed to not only to be released from the penalty of sin but also the sinful captor. Satan had captured mankind through the fall and earned the right to be his occupier. Man was helplessly ruled by the ultimate thief but God would not let that continue. Jesus came to the rescue! He broke down the doors of our prison, loosed our chains and set us captives free!  Mankind was not only freed from any personal wrongdoing but also the domination of the wrongdoer.

Man has now been freed to “receive”  the rightful owner of his life back into his life. He is now free to contain the one who originally designed him for Himself, to be the beautiful expression of the “Spirit of Truth”, and not the “spirit of error”.

It is wonderful to know that Jesus came to pay the price for our sins, but it is even more wonderful to know that He has fully restored us to our original purpose of containing life and light, of being the place where only He was intended to dwell. Yes, Jesus paid my debt but He also released me from the wrong owner.

This is the real “good news”  that men desperately need to hear and it is our desire to share it and make it known. Thanks for joining us in this mission. Col. 1:27.



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