I’m thankful for the freedom – from myself!

26 11 2015


Of the many things that I am thankful for – family, health, friends – freedom from the bondage of trying to be someone or do something is high on my list. My thoughts have always been, “I hope someday to become a better ….. I would like to become more godly, more loving. If only I could be more like Christ.” Or,  they have also run along these lines, ”I don’t want to be that way or do that thing.”

What a relief to be free from that tyranny. What freedom it is to know that I don’t have to change myself, I don’t have to improve myself or I don’t have to try to “stop” doing something. Why? Because the truth is, I can’t! (Rom. 7:18)

One of the greatest revelations for believers is to become aware of this false bondage. It has been one of the most powerful delusions in mankind. Years of religious effort should have shown us why. While we may learn to do something different outwardly the inner man is still the same. We realize that until the inner core is changed there is no hope that we can be anything different.

A further realization comes when we see that the inner man was never created to be his own self but rather the expression of the one who indwells him. Man is not an independent, self sufficient self, but rather a container, a vessel, a branch, a temple. A container is simply the expression of what it contains. The Gospel is not about a change of the container but a change of the person it contains. It is the good news of the release from being occupied by the spirit of error to now being indwelt with the Spirit of Truth.

I have changed my thinking from becoming someone to containing someone and that someone is Jesus. He is the one I am destined to contain, the perfect one as me. God’s desire and plan is that I be the living temple where He can dwell and manifest Himself to the world.

What if instead of trying to become someone we focused more on containing Him? What if we get our eyes off what it is we think we need to do or not do and recognize who we really are at our core – Jesus? Instead of looking to change let’s look to just being who Christ is in us.
Be free! Be Jesus. Col. 1:27
NWMC pic  Dennis



2 responses

26 11 2015
Ken R

On this day we all celebrate Thanksgiving, this message gives peace and the true Thanks we can give.. It’s a wonderful day.

26 11 2015

Great devotion, Dennis! I shared it with our family here in SoCal. We were all blessed! Thank you!

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