What is the truth about me?

16 11 2015
jump-for-joy-150x150What is the truth about who you really are? Many of us struggle to find this basic fact about ourselves. We think we know and we play games with ourselves and others trying to live out those ideas. We soon find dead ends, deep emptiness in our hearts, fractured and unauthentic relationships and damaging behaviors that trap us in never ending cycles. We keep searching yet never really finding who we are supposed to be until one day we are awakened to the reality of the truth, it’s Jesus!! He is who we are supposed to be. He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. He is everything that we were predestined to become (Rom 8:29).

For most of our lives, even after becoming a believer in Christ, we falter at realizing this truth. We know He has died for us and we are forgiven but we stop there, short of realizing the full truth of the gospel. Jesus didn’t just come to save us but to live in us. God’s ultimate desire is to inhabit us as His vessels or temples. Redemption was paid so He could be restored to His rightful place in our lives. As redeemed vessels He now wants to express Himself through our lives. Each of us have been uniquely designed to be His manifestation. He wants to be seen and known through us, as us.
The good news is that we can stop trying to be someone or become who we think we should be. You already are that perfect person as Christ living in us. That is the truth about us and what we really need to listen to.
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16 11 2015
Scott Wakefield

Yeeaaaah buddy! 🙂

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