The Seven Needs of Man No. 6

4 10 2015

The 23rd Psalm is perhaps the most commonly recited Biblical passage by people in andoutside of the Christian community. It is a comforting picture of the providence of God, but it is also a description of man’s essential needs. Here are those needs expressed in the context of ministering to men.

Seven Needs of a Man #6 – Men need a “Cheers”.  v. 5

CheersOne of the most popular, long running TV sitcoms of the late 80’s and early 90’s was called “Cheers”. It’s setting was a local pub in the heart of Boston and each week it’s cast of characters entertained the audience with dialogues on life, relationships and current issues of the day in a comedic fashion. But more than the hilarity what captured viewers was the show’s portrayal of what real acceptance and trusted community can be like. It’s theme song expressed it well in the phrase, “I just want to go where everyone knows my name.”

Because of shame, guilt and an uncertain identity many men today live with a mask of self protection, not wanting to experience any additional condemnation. They long to be accepted for who they really are. As a result, they are drawn to environments where they think they can find that acceptance such as a local “Cheers”. They want a “place” that they feel is safe, welcoming, and encouraging.

While most ministries to men consist of a monthly breakfast, a Bible Study or perhaps a fishing trip men may still not find that “place” they are looking for. God knows what men need and the Psalmist describes how He offers them exactly the kind of acceptance and grace they desire. God welcomes men into His presence as a  “guest” at His table even though they may not feel worthy or liked. God not only graciously treats them like a guest, He honors them like royalty and assures them that all their needs are provided for in Christ.

Does your church or ministry to men resemble that kind of environment? Men need to know and be reminded of how God sees and values them. Unfortunately, many church environments are more concerned that men conform to their local values and standards and be committed to change. Men are presented with challenges to measure up or strive for new levels of maturity. God’s way of transforming men is not to remind them of what they “should be” or what needs to change but to have them understand how deeply loved and accepted they are as His sons. He doesn’t expect men to change so that they feel loved, He loves them so that they can relax and experience the transformational power of His indwelling life. The power of knowing he is totally loved does far more to change a man than any discipline or effort toward self improvement he can possibly ever muster. Men then realize that they don’t have to strive for who they are already are in Christ.

Let’s help men experience that special place, that “holy Cheers” where they can be assured of how much they are accepted and loved by God. If we provide that kind of environment the Holy Spirit will do His work in bringing men to a full revelation of his union and place with Christ. Only then will he feel that his “cup runs over”.

For a power point video teaching of this entire series “Seven Needs of a Man” go Here.



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