50+ Guys learn how to “Come for a brother”.

8 07 2015

In the front yard of a home in Warren, Oregon, on a warm Monday evening recently, 50+ guys learned from Vietnam Marine veteran Phil Downer how to come along side each other in the battle of life. Phil led a workshop entitled “Boots on the ground discipleship training” to help men discover the reality of Christ and His working in their lives. The event was hosted by Jim Morud and NW Men’s Coalition as part of NMWC’s  mission to help men grow in Christ.

Filled with pizza and cupcakes, the men heard Phil draw on his battle experiences to explain the role that men can play in helping each other with the “gun jams” and “high butts” of life through Jesus. “Who are the guys around you that have their ‘guns jammed'”, asked Phil, in illustrating how men become immobilized by life’s circumstances. He continued, “Who has ‘high butt’?”  meaning what friend has been exposed to enemy fire and stands the chance of being taken out. In his own impassioned way Phil exhorted the men, “Will you come for that man?” as he had to come for his buddy who had been hit in the heat of battle. To this day, his buddy remarks to Phil, “Thanks for coming for me Downer!”

As men who are following Jesus, “Who are we coming for”? Who are the men around us that are struggling in life but don’t know how to make sense of it or how to find freedom? Will we choose to come alongside and together help them find the answers in Jesus?

You can learn more about Phil and his ministry at http://www.dnamilitary.org/

For more pictures click on this link





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