The Seven Needs of A Man – Number 3

28 06 2015


The 23rd Psalm is perhaps the most commonly recited Biblical passage by people in and outside of the Christian community. It is a comforting picture of the providence of God, but it is also a description of man’s essential needs. Here are those needs expressed in the context of ministering to men. (see previous posts, Category: Men Today, Ministry to Men)

3. Men Need frequent Renewal. v. 2b.

No doubt King David, the author of this Psalm, had come to realize that God would give him the physical strength to do extraordinary feats such as killing bears and lions, bringing down Goliath, or running from King Saul. But, he also realized that he could not sustain that kind of strength unless he remained strong deep within his inner man. As illustrated in other passages he needed to recall who he was according to God. The knowledge and reminder of who he really was in God’s view was the key to renewing his strength. (Ps. 22:19-26, 27:1-3, 42:5-11)

Believing men tend to forget who they really are and their confidence has to be renewed almost daily. The Bible makes it very clear that a man who has put faith in Christ  is made new in the his spirit (2 Cor. 5:17)  and his soul (mind and emotions)  needs to be refreshed in this truth (Eph. 3:14-19). He doesn’t need motivation to be someone different  but to be assured of who he already is, a “Christ man”. It has been said, “Stop trying to be who you already are!”. Men don’t need the language of “buck up”, “man up” or “be a man” but rather the reminder of their essential identity. As a believer he is God’s son, inheritor, and brother with Christ (Rom. 8:15-17; 29-30).

This is especially helpful when men are faced with the myriad of challenges and temptations that come daily against their lives. If a man thinks of himself as a failing, inadequate or weak “sinner” he will always fail and shame and guilt will compound in his life. If, on the other hand, he sees himself as God says he is – a “saint”, that occasionally sins, he will face the challenge with the knowledge that it is only a test to bring out the grace and manifestation of the real man he is. (Rom. 5:3) He doesn’t have to fear condemnation but lives with the assurance that he is manifesting more and more the man God has made him to be in Christ.

This is why it is not effective to just “manage sin”. It tends to identify men only with their sins but does not help them see themselves as different from their failures. It is not the truth of who they really are.

How often I have found this to be the case in my own life and ministry. I do not have a sin problem, i.e. porn, drugs, alcohol, anger, lust, etc. but an identity problem. Once I remind myself of who I am as a perfect man in Christ I realize that I do not need those “vices”. They are NOT me! Like Paul, I remind myself of who I am and who is my strength (Phil. 4:13).

Lets help men know that they are already “perfect” in their inner Christ man (Col. 2:10). In the times that they show discouragement or act out in a manner that is inconsistent with who they really are lets pray and encourage them to remember the truth. Let’s ask the Father to “renew” their strength, the knowledge of Christ and who they are in Him.

Dennis D

(To watch the video of this entire teaching go to this Link.)



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