Men again hear about God’s grace at The Gathering

1 06 2015

Its always a delight to participate in “The Gathering”, hosted by Jim Morud in Warren, OR. On Friday evening 5/29, approximately 75 men and boys convened in “Charlie’s” open-side barn to fellowship and hear stories of God’s grace at work in men’s lives. Abundant pizza, beautiful warm weather, lots of “man talk” and God’s spirit made for a powerful evening.

We are praying that more environments like this will be made available for men to freely gather in other parts of the NW.  Let us know if you have a barn, hanger, warehouse or similar that you would like to offer for men to enjoy connecting in natural and masculine ways in Christ. Contact Dennis at dennis.deardorff@gmail.comIMG_0687IMG_0764IMG_0771

Next up for The Gathering in Warren features Phil Downer on Monday, July 6th. Phil is the president of Discipleship of America and will train men in how to practically walk with the Lord and help other men in the process. Go to this Link for more information and registration. All men from around the NW are welcome.



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