Are you striving to be a better man?

9 03 2015

Are you striving to be a better man?
Do you leave Sunday morning church with the feeling that you wish you could do what the pastor spoke about? Do you read or listen to radio preachers or evangelists and wish that you could be as spiritually mature as they are? Do you live under the fear that you are not living different enough or better than the rest of the world? Are you ashamed that you are not reading your Bible, praying or serving in the local church as much as you ought to be. Do you worry that you are not growing spiritually as you should be? Are you afraid that your addiction or lifestyle is holding you back from being the best that you should be for God?
jump-for-joy-150x150I have good news for you. You can stop your worries and relax. The “you” that has been striving to be better, improve or even change has been replaced! That “you” no longer exists. It has been replaced with Jesus! The you that worries that it will never measure up has died (Col. 3.3) and it has been replaced with the resurrected Christ (Col. 3.10). He is the “you” that you have always desired to be. The perfect self that is complete and the best that you ever could be now lives in you (Col.1.22). And, all of this has happened to and for you before you even realized it. You simply need to accept it. (Eph. 2.8,9)
Do you know this new “you”? Who is He? Who is this new you that lives in your life? Who is this new you that is the “real” you? If you get to know Him what will that reveal about who you really are? (Col. 3.4)
As you get to know this “real you” you also discover that you haven’t just been saved in order to go to heaven but that your salvation has allowed God through Christ to come live in you. You no longer have to try to be that better person…you already are that person! Stop trying to be who you already are. Let the real you live Himself out through your life. The world and much of Christianity has been teaching you to be the best that you can be for Christ. But how to do that has been the problem. You will never be able to achieve that “better you” by striving for it, rather, only by relaxing into what God, through Christ, has already made you in Him. Rather than trying to be better, just get to know Him better. What does He desire to do through your life? What does He want to say through your mouth? What is He thinking through your mind? Where is He quickening your heart?
Be the real you today.



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