Do we really want to be like Jesus?

3 01 2015

Son of God 5

In his book THE JESUS STYLE, Gayle Erwin describes Jesus as having the following dominant traits:

Not Lord It Over Others
Lead by Example
As a Child
As the Younger
No Force
No Selfish Ambition
No Reputation
Death on the Cross

How much of our lifestyle as men reflects this kind of life? In our success oriented, be all you can be, leadership focused, be strong and courageous culture where do see these traits being emphasized? Where do you see this even being taught in our so called “discipleship” courses for a man who wants to be like Jesus? If we really want our lives to appear like Him, we have some serious re-adjusting to do.



2 responses

19 01 2015
John Stauffer

Along with my Bible study group, Tuesday morning prayer meeting with men and ongoing counseling with individuals I am facilitating a group of men in developing initmacy with God. This piece will be useful for providing the ultimate example of being human and having intimacy with Jesus.

19 01 2015

Your guys will like it John. Simple and to the point and it has an excellent study guide section.
Go deep in Him.

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