I Can’t Imagine.

2 06 2014

I can’t imagine my life without my father. I know that thousands of children do know that reality given the tragedy of fatherlessness in our
world. For me, however, I can’t imagine what life would be like without his influence. Dad
I would have missed the dad/boy times on Still Creek as he taught me how to tie that flashy lure and cast it in the deep eddy for
the big one. I would have missed helping him repair the old Ford 8N tractor and then learning to plow a straight line in the top
20 acres. Missing would be the memories of many long summer days driving the hay truck or the baler while he supervised.
Also missing would be the “rough n tumble” times of just being men and boys around campfires and fishing trips. I may have never learned to drink hot coffee if it were not for dad convincing me it was the way to stay warm on a cold morning in the barn. Nor would I have ever learned the proper use of a gun if he hadn’t let me take care of the over population of ground squirrels.
I don’t have time to mention learning about true masculinity or proper gender identity. No, I can’t begin to imagine my life without dad. Nor can I imagine myself being a father without his example.
Where do men who have never had a dad learn how to be men and great fathers? Our public schools continue to push for gender neutrality while many other institutions are opting to feminize and “soften” our culture. It remains for our Christian communities to step up and engage the older men, the elders, in demonstrating with their lives and Biblical teaching the role of men and fathering. Is your church intentionally creating those environments where mentoring and modeling of fatherhood is occurring? Many young men and boys are desperately searching for this reality. Will you rise to the need?
Let Father’s Day 2014 be the beginning of a fresh effort by your men’s ministry to give young boys and girls a world they can experience filled with images and impressions of great dads.

Dennis Deardorff, President NWMC



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