It Isn’t Just About Men

9 05 2014

As a ministry devoted to helping churches disciple men you might think that all we are concerned about is just men. While the spiritual condition of men is our primary focus we do not want to overlook the value and influence of women on men as well. Although I believe fathers have the most profound impact, I have to say that there are many women who have also significantly shaped the lives of men.


One such woman was my own mother. She was not only my nurturer and day time disciplinarian but was my Sunday School teacher, Cub Scout den helper and even the custodian of the grade school I attended. She eventually became the school cook and for over 25 years worked long hard days, but would still have the energy to come home to join dad in the chores on the family farm.

What did mom model for me as a man? Much, including integrity, hard work, perseverance, faith and devotion to God. She was the quiet, but steady rock of the family. Dad did most of the “heavy lifting” in the family, but mom was always there to fulfill her role as his complement. I owe her much for what I have become.

As a result, it isn’t surprising that many men like me have a soft place in their hearts for their moms. This is illustrated in the fact that greeting card companies sell far more cards for Mother’s Day than they do for Father’s Day. (My wife works for a well known greeting card company and can attest to this fact.) On this upcoming Mother’s Day you will see far more men attending church with their mothers than any other Sunday, save perhaps Christmas or Easter. Sadly, for many men their mothers were the only parent that did not abandon them. Men have much to be thankful regarding their moms.

This month I want to say a special thank you to all the mothers and women who are helping to shape the lives of men. Thanks for being their and often quietly fulfilling your role. May your lives continue to have great influence in your families and the men you know.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. 


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