Easter – the end of living by the rules!

19 04 2014

Son of God 4Have you noticed how much of Christianity has been reduced to a system of spiritual and moral rules? Since Jesus left this earth it seems that the simple experience of becoming a Christ follower has more to do with trying to be a better person, live by the Bible and be an imitator of Jesus. It’s teaching is centered on what man should do, ought to do, need more of or stay away from. How is this any different from the old system pictured in the Old Testament? It has become just another religion.

Jesus died to do away with the old system. He swallowed it up in Himself at the cross. It no longer controls Him because He died to it and since we also died with Him, it doesn’t obligate us either. He arose from the grave living freely in the realm of the Spirit. In this way, He could also now live in those who have received Him. Instead of living by rules we now live by the same Spirit of freedom He has. Rather than wonder about what we need to be doing we simply watch for revelation of Himself in us. Christ is now the focus, not a system. We respond to life according to His heart and mind. As we grow in this revelation the result is a deepening relationship with Him.

This Easter look for a fresh revelation of the living Jesus in you. Trust Him to reveal Himself. He is alive and longing to be manifested in your life.

Dennis D



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