Book Recommendation – Why Naked Women Look so Good.

29 01 2014

Dave Fulton, a NWMC Board member makes this recommendation of Bill Perkin’s new book Image

I recently finished Bill Perkins book “Why Naked Women Look So Good” (Bill knows how to get a man’s attention). Bill, I believe wrote this book for married men, of which I am not.  I am a soon to be 63 year old man, divorced twice (both divorces prior to becoming a Christian) who has found himself in a ministry of discipleship and mentoring men.  I have recommended this book to a young man who recently married and have recommended it to several single men who are in relationships.  While the book’s focus is for the married man I found that a lot of what Bill shares would be helpful to single men who desire to be married. The book is an easy read, but will be a challenge to follow through on.  You will be challenged in areas that may be uncomfortable, even unfamiliar but trust me on this (divorced twice remember) if you fight through the uncomfortableness (fear really) and do the things Bill suggest you and your wife or soon to be wife will be MUCH happier and you will be a light to your kids and other couples.


Thanks Bill.


PS. Praying for your new group “Mission: Integrity”  and looking forward to reading “When Good Men Are Tempted”



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