The Gathering – Warren Oregon

2 07 2013

Announcing the next Barn Gathering in Warren, July 8th, 6pm.

Featuring: Phil Downer, Founder of Discipleship Network of America, author of Eternal Impact and national on-demand speaker. As a Vietnam marine combat veteran, Phil knows the gut-wrenching realities of war. Like most war vets, he came home with the battle still raging inside him – as a husband and as a dad, as a trial attorney and even as a ministry leader. Where are your battlefields? Who are your enemies? Phil will talk about overcoming the real enemies that every man must be willing to face and fight.

RSVP: Jim Morud –

(503) 544-7212 by Saturday, July 6th

Cost: $5 for pizza and drinks

Invite every man and boy you know!






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2 07 2013

Reblogged this on NW MEN'S COALITION BLOG.

28 07 2013
James Hall

Hey Jim, keeping you and the family lifted up to Him who is able and more than enough!

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