What is discipleship?

1 03 2012

What is discipleship all about? It’s teaching men to “obey” Jesus. 1 John 2:3

How do we know if someone is a true disciple? It’s not what he knows but what he does. The Great Commission was not teach them to know but to obey.

How does a disciple learn to obey? By first knowing that he is loved. Love produces obedience.  John 14:15; 1 John 4:10.  The proof of being a true disciple is that we love each other. John 13:35

“…this Father doesn’t just seek our obedience, He desires our affection. He can have your obedience without your love, but He knows where He has your love He will also have your obedience.” Jacobsen, p.79, He Loves Me

What should we be teaching our men? The purpose of biblical instruction is not to make people wiser in God’s word, but to mature them in His love. It’s instruction in heart and mind purity and authentic faith so that God’s love can flow through them. The gauge of true discipleship is in how loving a person becomes.  1 Tim.1:5.

As we come to understand how much we are loved we are transformed.

“For God to transform us to be like Him, He must expel our fear and teach us the wonder of living in His love. Jacobsen, Ibid.

Let’s teach men to know they are loved then they will become devoted followers of Jesus.

Dennis D



2 responses

13 03 2012
Phil Beltz

Great topic last night Dennis. Boy do we have a lot to think about when it comes to discipleship. I know that we need to see everything though the lens that the LORD uses and not our lens.

13 03 2012

Thanks for being there and engaging in the conversation. We have much to do to help men follow Jesus.

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