What is NWMC?

We are a religious non-profit ministry dedicated to

Helping men know Christ  

Col. 1:27, 28

The Greatest Need in Men 


The core issue for men is to know who they are – their essential identity. This is the fundamental reason for most problems in men’s lives. Men tend to live
out of a false idea of themselves which is dishonest and problematic. From the
Scriptures we know that there is only one answer to the need for a true and
honest self – Jesus. He is the life and identity every man was created to have.
NW Men’s Coalition (NWMC) wants to help every man personally know Jesus and realize He is his life. Colossians 1:27-29

We are a network of men who want to:

1. Help men know Jesus, not just be better men. Phil. 3:7-9
2. Encourage men to grow in the revelation of Jesus, not just about Jesus. 2 Pet.3:18
3. Stimulate men to see Jesus “formed” in not just added to their lives. Gal. 4:19
4. Teach men how to be in union with Christ living in, as and through them. John 17:21; Phil. 3:9; Gal. 2:20
5. Create environments where men can encourage one another in their walk as Jesus. Col. 3:16; Eph. 5:19-21

NWMC wants to help men know Christ better, not just be better men

Stimulating Personal Discovery

NWMC seeks to stimulate the conversation and discovery of what it means for a man to live in and as Christ. How can the truth of Col. 1:27 and Gal 2:20 be lived out?


NMWC seeks to host highly engaging and relational environments where men can authentically discover the Christ Life. These include personal and group meetings and periodic large group meetings.
Go to our EVENTS page for more details.


President and Director

ISI 2012

Dennis Deardorff has been in pastoral ministry with an emphasis on mentoring men for over 40 years. He was a senior pastor and then for 24 years an associate pastor at New Hope Community Church in SE Portland where he was the Pastor of the Men’s Community for 15 years. He has also served on the regional Promise Keepers training team and the Clackamas County Men’s Leadership Team. He speaks and teaches men and has coordinated several men’s conferences. He has also worked with Bill Perkins on the Jesus Experiment Project. He has a passion for seeing men grow in their knowledge of Christ.

Board of Directors

Bruce Kirk, Portland, OR, Ret. Cmdr USN,  – Adm Secretary

David Fundak, Portland, OR, Senior Fisheries Biologist ODF&W, – Treasurer

Gary Larkin, Damascus, OR, Owner, APS Power Safety PRO

David Fulton,  Spokane Valley, WA, Property Mgr,

Kevin Janisse, Warrington, PA, Engineering Manager, Siemens Industries, Mstr Kong Shin Bup


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